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  1. lololololololo Apature Science is better. They have GLaDOS and cake.

  2. The Freeman would be so mad that he would take away every single Half Life 3 in storage on the night before it's release. Then Gordon would cry in a corner, not giving a shit about the Combine or Alyx or Dog or G-Man. 'Cause this site kicks the shit out of Facebook.
  3. My cousin called MLP gay. After smashing his head in for two hours, he begged me to stop if he watched an episode. He actually liked it, and became a brony. The my aunt came in and was upset that he had a black eye and a bloody nose. I told her that he fell down some stairs. TROLLOLOLOL.
  4. The Freeman stared at his laptop, ready to take out the Combine and release Half-Life 3. He was sad for a moment, but then he was filled with rage. He decided that every brony out there should go to America's Got Talent and beat the shit out of him. Gordon picked up his crowbar and flew to where-ever that dirtbag lives. Waiting for little Howard to return.
  5. The Freeman nearly fainted by the awesomeness of the wallpaper presented... Not as awesome as him though, but the illustrator did a fantastic job on the artwork before the Freeman. Gordon decided to watch the season two finale again.
  6. The Freeman stared blankly at his monitor, wondering what he should type... He decided that whence the limit is taken off, he and Alyx will go defeat the Combine and save Earth...Again... So he finished typing and grabbed a muffin, only to be stolen by Derpy.
  7. As the almighty Freeman looked on to the screen that a fellow brony posted, he realized that he too shall type in third person for dramatic defects. He later went to go visit Chuck Greene and Frank West because he can.
  8. "............." Freeman's thoughts: I rather enjoy the gif, plus the limit gets a little annoying. Nice job.. Freeman approves. You get 2 out of 3 of the following: 1)A cookie. 2)A brohoof. 3)Half Life 3. Now which two will you REALLY get? (NO HALF LIFE FOR YOU)
  9. "............................" Freeman's mind: I laughed a good amount. I was actually a CH fan before Brony-ism, and for the love of sweet Freemans have you seen the Meet the Pyro vid for TF2? ONE brony says that Valve is brony-ish, and now EVERYONE on that video hates us because of ONE brony. Some bronies piss me off... And others make me laugh Freeman's mind AGAINZ Wait, I was going there because of 'Brony-hating' or some crap. So then on the TF2 vid a unicorn that is purple pops up, blah blah blah Ya know, I didn't even mean to make a Valve reference
  10. Freeman's thoughts: Gonna join, Gonna play TF2, Gonna be Heavy, Gonna play, Gonna fail. -Freeman's thoughts.
  11. Cleverbot and I sang the theme song Then it romantically advanced on me... Basically: Me: And you all know that you're my very best friends! Cleverbot: Are you wearing a thong? Me: .......WTF?
  12. The reason why I hate MW3 is because that's all what my little cousin plays. Takes the M right out of Mature.
  13. Basically, state your favorite game. If I see Half Life, brohoof for you. If I see CoD MW3, I'll shoot someone. If I see the secret game that I will name later, a message will be sent to that user saying: You won. Have a cookie.
  14. Dating Advice: Basically, look in different community. The town over could be Brony Land. Also, convert a friend, who'll convert a friend, blah blah blah,soon, female brony (pegasister)! Dating advice complete
  15. -Half Life 3 not existing.(JOKE) -Fluttershy. Don't ask why. (I read the one about her shed...) -My little sister being abducted. AMNESIA (The Game)