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  1. Thank you I'll have so much fun here I can barely contain myself I can tell that running around here will be pretty fun
  2. Hello this is M.S.bronywhovian but you probably already know that and if anypony is wondering the M.S. part of my username does not stand for ms. They are my initials so hello and I can't wait to hear from some other bronies/pegasisters My favorite mane six pony is Applejack I got into the show when a friend of mine asked me if I was a brony the first episode I watched was a dog and pony show then i watched a second, then a third and within a month I had seen all the episodes I found this site when I did a random search and here I am
  3. Married to celestia... I am the king of equestria!!!
  4. Work... It dpesn't work for me because I work for it
  5. Probably should get going though I shouldnt be lurking the forums during work lol
  6. Y u have low self esteem? You rock woohoo
  7. Same with you umm... That is if you don't mind me saying so...
  8. I'm probably a mix of pinkie applejack and fluttershy
  9. I relate with applejack the best our Lifestyles match up pretty well
  10. I prefer applejack myself but rainbow dash is pretty awesome too
  11. Still yours is pretty good
  12. I create clones of doctor whooves... The daleks have nowhere to hide now Allons-Y!!!