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  1. You just missed an awesome skype conversation with Blue Lightning and myself. :c

  2. Throw them back God's face! WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK I AM A GUY?!
  3. Get your voice box removed I want to do art, but I always come up with inspiration when hyped up on caffeine much too early in the morning to actually put in effort. What do I do?
  4. You get a broken machine. I insert an Eridan Ampora.
  5. ................................................... Uh, girl?
  6. Look at me! I can paint! ((Why does everyone think I'm a guy?))
  7. I'm better than Firefox, Internet Explorer and every other browser you can think of! I swear it. *whispers* I may crash a lot though.....
  8. Gets something that makes you need to sit on the toilet while you puke. I'm blending shea butter, castor oil, and crayons.
  9. Yes I have. Its delicious! Is it weird that I sometimes involuntarily act like my OCs?
  10. Oh come on, how can you not love us, we're adorable!