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  1. 1.The Best 2.Always, if there's the slightest chance to help someone, do it. Even if it endangers your own life, it's a game, help out your team 3. Imma say 4 years 4.birth :3 5.I don't consider myself to be the "Best Player", just better than everyone else 6.only game I ever felt controlled by was house of the dead on dreamcast. I still haven't beat the final boss. He threw rings of death and there were 2 of him I believe 7.No. 8.when there's some one 100x better than you at your favorite game and the humiliation that always follows 9.Neh, well kinda, I just can't let myself get too excited
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. I don't like how ponies just let Pinkie Pie get away with stuff. Like jumping on houses and making a mess out of Ponyville. I like Pinkie Pie but that mare is too random....or not random enough. :/
  4. I've tried slingshoting a human into equestria and back again. I've tried starting it from the middle where a group of anti bronies are surrounded by ponies (changelings) and the Bronies. I've tried having just one changeling coming to earth and coming up with an invasion plan on his iwn will to help out his queen. Another thing is that this is a virus that is spread into your mind, so if you love ponies you are infected mentally and gradually turn into....something. I haven't worked out this whole infection thing out. I did however see something earlier that brought the idea back up I'm still working on Ideas, even though I'm not entirely sure on where to go, but I hope to get somewhere with it soon. Let me know if you have any ideas...please
  5. Are you still accepting people? I never did any roleplay before, but I can't resist zombies. I even wrote a zombie fanfic or two. :3
  6. Mine wouldn't had looked chubby if I drew guidelines for the head before I drew it XD I stopped using guidelines when I got the pony anatomy down :3
  7. I drew us playing together. :3 I know I made her head to small and I didn't draw Quantum's eyes but they look like they're having fun. Please don't tell Quantum she's looking the wrong way She's a bit of a airhead. (Need a better camera. :/ )
  8. Twilight around 16-18? Fluttershy also 18 Pinkie Pie uh 17 Rarity 23 Applejack 20 Rainbow Dash 19 Huh, seems legit...I mean unless Rarity is older, I really don't like Rarity she's too whiny
  9. I didn't want Chrysalis to make a apperance until the real ponies and Princess Luna got sucked into a diminsional rift, but I guess that could work...
  10. Okay, l've been fiddling around with an Idea of Changelings coming to earth, bare with me disguesd as all our favorite ponies, the Changelings start popping up all over the world. We of course could care less of what they are, they look like our ponies and act like our ponies, so what do we care, right? Well the govenments of the world Ban anyone from interacting with these creatures. With tiny pockets of inter diminsional space popping up at random all over our earth, taking things and giving things. The people who have anytype of bond with the Friendship is Magic diminsion literally, becomes infected. All the Bronies aren't in their right state of minds and start spreadding love and tolerance where ever they go. Bronies become an infectious hazard and sections of the earth with the largest density of the brony disease are quarantined, but that's not enough to stop them, their love for ponies becomes air born, tainting the air. The world has no other way to get rid of this , aside from shoving them right up Celetia's plot hole and sending them to Equestria..... So any Ideas on how I could get this story started? I had a few but ultamitly scapped them. PS~ this site blocks my auto correct D:
  11. 1. A lot of people complement me on this picture. I vectored a picture of cloud chaser eating a sub and edited it a little. 2. I used the Stare O.O 3.Dat gif O.o
  12. PetGryphon

    Ello :3

    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: Watching sterotypic brony videos on youtube How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Playing video games watching TV couldn't find the remote and guess what happened. This isn't my first time on in a community like this, but this is the fist time introducing myself on one. I usally just sit back and post out of the ordanary questions. I'm a girl who writes fanfiction and a girl gamer by the name Telemicus...Some people underestimate and go easy on girls so I went with a tough game name. I also am...addicted to...reading. I spend most of my day reading boring uncreative fanfiction, I havent even updated my own story and was hopeing this site would clear my massive writters block...Well the story is written, I just hate retyping something that's written in crayon and pen, it also looks like a chicken wrote it so that doesn't help either, but anyway. Name's Twinkiepinky, I'm a fanfiction writer and girl gamer, and can easily break wave 52 on Call of the Dead, Shi No Numa, and The Moon, unless my team fucks me over but. Yea