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  1. Defiantly the Half Life/Half Life 2 soundtracks, although I also like soundtracks from any game in the Battlefield series http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_TpNGN7KII http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoUq4s4WiLc
  2. Oh ok I understand what you mean I guess if someone was to take that shirt to seriously it could be found offensive. Its all good . Sorry for misinterpreting your words
  3. Please don't come to this forum just to bash on what other people like, I enjoy this shirt and I don't like having other people telling me it is "In bad taste". And plus, its Derpy, and she's really cute
  4. Funny, the first time i tried Pinkie I got all the feelings down except for the mane and the tail, but now it seems like im only getting the hooves on my 4th try. I should probably try listening to something relaxing before i start again.
  5. Lord_sm

    Movies/TV Regular Show

    Regular show is the only show on cartoon network that I even watch anymore, unless you count when they play some of the oldies. I find adventure time too random and unoriginal and I don't appreciate the type of humor they use.
  6. Lord_sm

    Movies/TV Breaking Bad or Walking Dead?

    I love both, but I honestly am leaning towards the walking dead. I just love any show that has to do with a post apocalyptic setting in it .
  7. At least you have dreams at all. I don't think i recall having one in over a year, besides mabye a 2 second long memory when i wake up .
  8. Actually, i do believe those pictures are based off the Vietnam war themed movie, "Apocalypse Now", Which, in my opinion, is a great movie.
  9. - Dash 45/100 - Twi 75/100 - Pinkie 95/100 - AJ 80/100 - Rarity 90/100 - Fluttershy 85/100 - Derpy 95/100 - Vinyl 55/100 - Octavia 50/100 - Lyra 80/100 - Bon-Bon 60/100 - Colgate 45/100 - Berry Punch 55/100 - Dr. Whooves 60/100 - Sweetie Belle 95/100 - Applebloom 90/100 - Scootaloo 85/100 - Babs 75/100 - Big Mac 70/100 - Spitfire 75/100 - Trixie 85/100 - Cheerilee
  10. Go to karate class, come home, listen to music, play an assortment of games, and skip the homework yeah i know pretty boring life
  11. I shall eat an honorary muffin. I love you Derpy!
  12. I got season 1 on dvd and a lyra pony figure. so yeah, pretty awesome Christmas
  13. I'm at school right now and i'm wearing this Derpy shirt. I got a brohoof from some random guy in the hall
  14. Lord_sm

    Movies/TV Ed Edd N Eddy

    I used to watch this all the time when i was little! Too bad they don't air it much anymore . It hurts seeing they stupid shows they replaced the good ones like this with
  15. Alright, so i decided to try this out a few hours ago. i made up about 25 personality traits and went over them with my tulpa for a little over an hour. I don't really have a feeling in my head, so i'm thinking i did it wrong, but i could be wrong. So what i was wondering is, is there a way to let your tulpa have whatever personality it wants, without having to create it, and if so, what are the steps to create it without making its personality?
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