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  1. G3 was okay... Some of the plot at least had SOME weight and interest... Though every pony was identical in shape, with essentially 1 mane style, their personalities were at least somewhat variable, like Rarity liking mud and adventure, and the Pegasi being extremely shy towards outsiders... G3.5 was essentially just extended adverts for the toys, to the point of ridiculousness... Like Sweetie Belle's Gumhouse Surprise... Which focused on Sweetie Belle's Gumhouse, an actual toy set, complete with spinning lift... And let's not even mention Newborn Cuties... By that point it seemed like they'd just stopped caring... They didn't even bother animating their mouths when they talked in the second one... Terribly animated... In Flash...

  2. There's a small(ish) free to play game called Town of Salem... Which is crazy fun and addictive.

    It's the party game mafia except all the roles do stuff and it's online.


    In a standard game, there's 3 mafia working together against the town, a Serial Killer who is also against the town, a Jester trying to get themselves lynched, an executioner trying to get someone else lynched, and a whole lot of town roles trying to lynch the Serial Killer and the mafia members.


    It's currently in open beta so a little buggy... But you can also play as some of your favorite YouTubers now... They've got Minx and Entoan and Lordminion777/Wade...

    They're working on more too!


    And your roles are randomized. Sometimes you're mafia, sometimes you're town, sometimes you get to be the SK


    And then there's the other roles not available in the standard games... Like Amnesiac, Survivor, Witch and Arsonist... And a larger variety of mafia roles! It's just... Amazing...

  3. Of the people I know, myself included, most have avoided anime not because they've wholely dismissed it as a genre (in my view, it's mostly an animation style, broken into genres much like other TV), but mainly because each one they've tried watching hasn't really been their thing.


    Of the common complaints:


    -Excessive attempts to be cutesy, even in largely-serious anime. (Even MLP does not go quite so far)

    -Cultural significances tend to be deeply rooted, even when not especially needed (contrariwise, Phoenix Wright's localization was very good at making appropriate changes; you're not about to see anyone addressed as Bob-San)

    -(Killer for me!!) Dialogue tends to be EXTREMELY explicit.


    "You actually think that I would have feelings that way for him? Idiot! I was only in this room so I could get my stupid train ticket back from him after he stole it!"

    "Hehe...cover it up all you like. Everyone knows you're always eyeing Kuzuki-san!"

    "GRRRRR...Say that again and I'll shove that book so far down your throat you'll never get it out!!"


    And the same, but how it would be written in an American show:


    "Uh...this isn't what it looks like."

    *Smile* "Sure."

    ..."He took my-!"

    "Sure. Got it."

    ...*Angry glare*


    As someone who's taken time to 'analyze' comedy and mirth, this constantly annoys me about anime. See, that moment of "realization", when the audience figures out the connection for themselves, is precisely what makes so many moments funny. Poor writing, perhaps only poorly localized writing, tends to ruin that.


    I get the feeling though, that such conversations would make more sense if you knew Japanese, and all the cultural nuances in its language. I often wish dubbers/subtitlers would listen to a conversation in an anime, and then think to themselves: "If I were to say that in my own words, in American English, would I structure those sentences completely differently?"


    By the way, sorry if it's non-contributive to make a long post describing why I don't like anime. Heck, maybe someone could take my grievances to find me something I would like...


    The Japanese don't have as many adjectives as we do, and they're a lot less subtle culturally. We may call something "Frightening" or "Scary" but they only have one word for it. It's partially because the English language is a lot of European languages combined. Also, taking into account the cultural differences, you can kinda understand why the Japanese cultural references are thrown in. Because everyone in Japan knows them and can relate to them. To take them out could easily change the meaning.


    There's a wide variety of Anime out there. Some are darker (like Code Geass and Death Note) whilst others are girly (Like AKB0048 and Mermaid Melody) and there's some which are goofy, bright and over the top (like Tengen Toppa Gurren Langan!)


    Anime isn't for everyone. There are different ways of watching it too. I personally prefer to watch it subbed rather than dubbed because it keeps more of the original meaning. It also constantly reminds me that I'm not watching a western cartoon, leaving me to excuse the cultural references.


    Or maybe I'm just not extremely critical of what I watch, preferring to sit back and enjoy it. Also, I tried Death Note, and I didn't like it, and I watched Mermaid Melody years ago. The rest all have mechas in them, and I loved them. I think I'm onto something here...


    Note: A lot of the girly anime have songs, but may also contain darker details, like death, apocalypses, attempts to control the world, if not the universe. And the characters tend to be slightly sexualised. This stuff isn't as taboo in Japanese culture as it is in Western countries, which, if you keep in mind, you might be able to enjoy it more.

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  4. Thank you Lurry! It's been about a year and a half now actually... Which is longer than I've known most of my current set of IRL friends... Even though I haven't always been around, It's always been better with you here!


    And I'm sure we'll remain friends for years to come!

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  5. Face it. Humans aren't going to be the greatest beings in the universe. We fight, a lot. If we find life on another planet, we'll probably want to study it. Kill a few of each species to dissect them, study the others and possibly not realize the creatures are intelligent because they speak another language. On earth, it took us thousands of years to spread and reconnect. These creatures may look extremely different to us. I know that even though I try not to be racist, I don't tend to trust people who don't look anything like me. How would we react to an entire species which may not be able to speak like humans, and humans unable to speak their language. It would be nigh impossible for us to connect, and they might decide that we're a threat to their lives and declare war on us without knowing...


    There are a lot of ways things could go wrong when dealing with life on another planet.

  6. Well I'm surprised this trailer cleared up a few things and it seems better than I expected! I hope it will be as good they say but I trust the writersimg-1537007-1-laugh.png

    The onl thing that bothers me is the male Pony in Equestria wich seems to be the equivalent of the other guy from the first trailer, witch pretty much confirms a boring cliche love story!


    Maybe they sent him through too? Maybe he was scouting out the human world and that's why he was there? Maybe he got sent in not long after meeting Twilight? Maybe he's special and he actually came from the human world! There's a lot of speculation that could go on there.

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    I just watched the new Equestria Girls trailer and I was watching through it and I noticed two students of Twilight Sparkles new school who look familiar, Trixie and Derpy Hooves. I wanna see if you guys can find them Derpy is pretty easy to find and all you need to look for is grey skin and blonde hair but Trixie is very hard to find I will give you a hint, Trixie is in the cafeteria. My final question is if you find them do you think that these two are the possible reincarnations of Trixie and Derpy Hooves. Please comment and share your thoughts, and stay Brony my friends.


    No-one in the movie is a "reincarnation". That would suggest they have died. You need to remove the "re" on the beginning of it and call them the "Human incarnations" instead. This is a parallel world, and, as such, almost everyone has a human incarnation. Snips and Snails, the CMC, Vinyl Scratch... It's entirely possible to the point of being likely.


    EDIT: also, that's not Derpy... Unfortunately. Trixie is there though!

  8. I thought Changelings were what the fair folk left behind when stealing human babies. I don't recall shape-changing being part of the original myth. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Changeling


    In the show, I just think they're a different species, like griffons, etc.


    Huh... Well... In MLP they switched places with ponies to feed off the love... I guess that's where that comes from then... I didn't actually know that they mightn't have changed form, but it's still close!

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  9. Changelings in mythology were faeries (also known as fair folk, not the cutesy modern fairies which took faeries in another direction) that changed shape and fed off the love of their victims. So they're the closest thing in MLP to fairies... Scary fairies, but fairies none the less!

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  10. Last time I took a test like this, which was only a few days ago, I was INFP...


    Introvert(89%)  Sensing(1%)  Feeling(38%)  Perceiving(56)%
    What? I changed? I changed my thinking a bit, I guess... Depends on my mood... Apparently the only change is minute in that I barely got sensing.


    Apparently, when changed from thinking about what I should do to what I would really do, I changed the N to an S... Makes sense seeing as intuitive people are more "up in the clouds" and whilst I am normally there, I have to take into account the down to earth side of me. I tend to be an Auditory learner. Teach me through the world!



    ISFPs are the first to hear the different drummer. Many eagerly plunge into new fashions, avant garde experiences, 'hip' trends--some even setting the trends.


    More in touch with the reality of their senses than their INFP counterparts, ISFPs live in the here and now. Their impulses yearn to be free, and are often loosed when others least expect it. The ISFP who continually represses these impulses feels 'dead inside' and may eventually cut and run. (One ISFP friend has become nonambulatory within the past few years. He will still, on impulse, leave home in the middle of the night and go to Las Vegas or wherever, regardless of the difficulties of his physical condition.)


    ISFPs may be quite charming and ingratiating on first acquaintance, flowing with compliments which may (or may not) be deserved. On other occasions, the same individual may be aloof and detached. Some ISFP males are fiercely competitive, especially in sport or table games, and may have great difficulty losing. This competitive nature, also seen in other SP types, sometimes fosters 'lucky,' 'gut' feelings and a willingness to take risks.


    Organized education is difficult for the majority of ISFPs, and many drop out before finishing secondary education. Their interest can be held better through experiential learning, at which many excel. ISFPs will practice playing an instrument or honing a favored skill for hours on end, not so much as practice as for the joy of the experience.


    What I've put in bold is what I'm like... However, it is good to note that I do go off daydreaming, and I am somewhat philosophical, traits shown by INFP, not ISFP. Looks like I'm somewhere between Fluttershy and Luna! And the only thing tying me to RD is my Loyalty and my Sensing and Perceiving traits...

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  11. I love video-games... But... My passion is let's playing. I love let's players, and I want to let's play!


    Also... Ponies... Ponies motivate me to be a better person, a better friend... I draw them... I write them... I adore them!

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  12. That's just due to lazy animators.


    I know... It just seems peculiar... Maybe they all have different talents, and one cutie mark may actually have multiple talents attached to it... Like farming fruit, drawing fruit, doing anything to do with fruit... Or like the flash of a camera or advanced magic skills! It's just interesting to not that there are ponies out there with similar cutie marks but different talents!

  13. Lots of BG ponies have the same cutie mark... So maybe some talents are more unique than others?


    Oh, and Shining Armour has a cutie mark not relating to being a royal guard. His represents the ability to create a magical sheild. Oh, and funnily enough, Photo Finish actually has Twilight's Cutie Mark... It's odd, but probably has something to do with the flash of the cameras she uses.

  14. I don't have any merchandise... I'd like some, but I don't have any...


    When I get some, you'll be able to tell... I'll probably be posting it around...


    I wan't an officially licensed Rainbow Dash Plush, the mane 6 in figures and some licensed posters of both the mane 6 and Background ponies... Once that's done there's only one more level before being the most avid of pony fans!


    That last bit wasn't added to get the characters up to the minimum... I did that in the first 2 sentences...

  15. Socks? Everyone loves socks! (is a reference to the best G3 character minty, who loved socks!)

    I know I'd like a jumper right about now... It's getting a bit cold in the southern hemisphere...

    If he doesn't have a watch, maybe one of them...


    If it were a girl, I'd suggest a pendant or other piece of jewellery, but it's a guy...


    Do you have any knowledge on his interests? Like, even the slightest thing?

  16. Yeah I was referring to the other pic which is why I brought up those points. This pic however looks much more clean and I like it better. And yeah, I'd like to have the cutie marks on their clothes rather than faces....because it'd be weird having high school kids with tattoos on their cheeks! tongue.png That and it just doesn't look good. 


    It's their official design! The trailer came out TODAY! I was so relieved! I still wish they were normal colored... But maybe they thought making them different colors would prevent any claims of racism...

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