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    Sandvich is moist and delicious

    Some things that summarise me:
    -I am a brony
    -My pony name is Maelstrom Dash
    -I love Hatsune Miku
    -I play Minecraft (Notch should have stopped updating at 1.7.5)
    -Adventure Time is where it's at
    -Can't stop playing TF2 & Far Cry 3
    -Skyrim was a let down (Oblivion was and is better)
    -Favourite Youtubers are Robbaz, Yukitoshii and Pewdiepie
    -I do archery and hockey

    And finally...
  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Made a 3D OC :D

    1. Acoustic Cloud

      Acoustic Cloud

      I've wanted to do that for a while *lazy* XD

  3. Did you hear that you can sign up for testing the beta of the Elder Scrolls Online? It sounds really awesome! They're going to have a good time sorting through all the applications looking for the best people to pick, and to be honest, I bet I won't be picked But maybe, just maybe, someone here who loves the Elder Scrolls might be picked! If you are an Elder Scrolls fan and you want to try out for the beta testing, here's a link to it http://signup.elderscrollsonline.com/ Good luck to you who try out
  4. Woo, finally made a banner c:

  5. SPyro: Shadow Legacy A game where TF2's Pyro trains to become a spy, using a flamethrower instead of a butterfly knife. SPyro 2: Season of flame The pyro goes on a manhunt to eradicate all the spycrabs.
  6. I'm surprised that the current posts tend to favor Sweet and Elite, yet on the vote poll Stare master is winning. Oh and also, are episodes supposed to be in the vote more than once? Because I recall Sweet and Elite being in a previous vote.
  7. Night always seems to be the time I hop on my laptop and check my forums to see what everyone's up to lately. I pop on some music (currently listening to the themes from Fighting is Magic) so it feels like I'm actually doing something xD But I get really bored too fast... I try to play some of my steam games, but I've already played through my singleplayer ones and none of my friends seem to be on the multiplayer games...
  8. Oh Celestia, that scares me. Do you know why? Because my OC is Rainbow Dash's cousin... Anyway, back to the point of the thread. If I could chose anypony, it would be Twilight Sparkle. But if I was not able to, then Trixie.
  9. The only things I recall being afraid of as a child were the dark (as most children seem to), masks (really creepy), and falling from heights (because of those weird dreams were all you seem to do is fall, to get a horrible feeling when you land). And when I started watching Doctor Who with my family, the weeping angels. Scary as hell, and even to this day I try to avoid all statues, I can't seem to get them out of my head...
  10. Yes, Trixie..... Just the way she talks about herself in third person... I don't know why, but that somehow makes me think she is best pony.
  11. Thanks for the tips guys, I think I will change my passwords. I also have a spare email account I could link my steam account to, but I'll keep that as a backup in case this happens again. It won't be for this thing about the steam security last year, as I changed my password to the current one just before christmas. Edit Just after posting this I started looking at my email security stuff, to find it has a function that only allows you to access my email from another PC if they get a code that is sent to my phone, which means anyone who tries to hack my email account will onl
  12. If this game were to actually be made (which would be completely awesome), What I think would be a good style for the gameplay is maybe something like Pokepark 2, where there is a storyline you follow, you explore the land of Equestria, finding each of Mane6, and overcoming obstacles and minigames that will require a certain pony of Mane6.
  13. Earlier today I received an email about allowing access to my account from another computer (it does this when you try to log into your steam account on a web browser or computer you have not done so with before). I had not attempted to access my account from another pc or web browser, and I received the email at a time when I was working around my property. At first I assumed it was my sister (we paid half each to buy Skyrim for PC, and I installed it first to discover you can only install it on one PC xD and so I let her access my account to play it) But then I realised, hey, this ema
  14. Hiya everypony! I recently found a nice little Minecraft server, that would be nice to see some friendly faces on. I'm head admin on it, and the other staff are quite friendly. Sadly at the moment the owner is yet to put any good plugins on, and so I have to keep a watchful eye on newcomers. But I'm sure you guys would be trustworthy, and so I'd like you to join me if you can Please be on your best behaviour if you do join though, I don't want to ban my fellow bronies If this interests you, here is the IP: EDIT The server is currently down (well, white
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