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Equestria's technology level?

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What exactly is the technology level of Equestria?  It seems to be all over the map.  They have instant cameras (like the one in Pinkie Apple Pie), they have movies (like the theater we see during the Babs Seed song), and they have arcade games (see Hearts and Hooves Day).  They don't appear to have firearms, but they have mentioned the word "bullet" before... however, it should be noted that the word "bullet" pre-dates firearms (it was also used to describe the stones used by slings).  They DO have cannons, however (at the very least they have a PARTY cannon).  Despite having arcade games, they don't appear to have computers of other sorts.  Twilight still uses scrolls and quills, but it could be a traditionalist thing, as pens and paper appear to be used from time to time by others as well.  A typewriter (albeit an odd one) appears in Daring Don't.  There are no internal combustion engines, but there are vehicles and similar things that utilize magic instead of engines (such as Tank's helicopter, or the Flim Flam brothers' various devices), or ones that just use pedal power (various episodes).  Carriages are still in use, weapons are still medieval-level, but they have the building expertise to be able to make skyscrapers in Manehattan.  It doesn't appear to be a single technology level, but rather an interesting mix of them, although some things just don't make sense.

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