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I read a lot of comments that Equestria girls is very cliche and nobody was really that interested in what it had to offer. I'm actually quite interested in the two different worlds so I figured I would give my 2 cents and see what others have to say. 


I'm kinda curious in the time zones between earth and Equestria. Right now it seems like they're both pretty much linear, but it would be pretty neat if like one day in Equestria is equivalent to 2 months on Earth. So maybe down the line if there's ever a time skip Twilight can go back to Earth and find adult versions of her friends maybe working different jobs because they're chasing the almighty dollar. Who knows maybe they can work in rivaling companies causing them to be enemies and needs the help from Twilight again....


Also I want to say that when Twilight goes back she will still be her teen self because well Celestia is 1000 years old and she appears to be in her mid 30's. Maybe she can finally meet adult Twilight which turns out to be the new villain driving her friends apart. 


On another note does the raising and lowering of the sun in Equestria affect time? If so will it affect the time of the Earth dimension? And if Twilight travels back in time with her spell and steps through the portal to Earth, what happens when the spell expires? Or will the spell even expire? And will traveling back in time cause the Earth time to go backwards too? 


As you can see I'm really interested in the time zones if anyone could offer an explanation that would be pretty neat. 

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Well here is a simple list of improvements

>Have Twilight deal with human world stuffs and issues that would not occur in the pony world, have her interact with cars and industry and the mass consumerism.

>Give Brad a personality. I don't mind canon shipping, so long as the person is not just a cardboard cutout of a 80s trope.

>Fix the weird age discrepancies in the characters. You have big mac in the same grade as AJ, and Celestia (a millennia old sun goddess) still be alive as a human in the modern era. 

>have some better plots/adventures. It would be nice to see more of their human world than just the most cliche highschool ever.

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What I want to improve:


1. Flash needs more development. 


2. Show that the world Twilight goes to isn't Earth because how many people do you see with pastel skin colors and super skinny limbs? That would also pave the way for a live action movie where the Mane Six find themselves scattered in the human world and have to give out clues of their location. (I planned the thing out, it's not as cheesy as it looks.)


3. Have "Human" Twilight show up. (Human in quotations because I don't see them as human.)


4. Let Twilight and Rarity use magic when they become anthro. Maybe they can use magic with their eyes, and their eyes glow when magic is being used? 

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