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Bug report: crippling problems with Pony.fm features/interface


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1st issue (major): My account (DraconequusBand) doesn't seem to appear on the list of artists.  The most recent artist seems to have joined 17 days ago, which excludes my account and any others that were created in the past couple of weeks.


2nd issue (major): "Publish Track" doesn't work.  I've tried a couple of my tracks, and it still doesn't publish when I hit the button.  The gear spins for a few seconds, then it returns to its previous state.  There is no error message.


3rd issue (minor): none of the Rainbow Rocks songs appear in the list of songs that appears when an upload is designated as a remix of an official song.


Basically, until the first two are fixed, nobody can find us or our music, making the site kind of useless to us.

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Hey NLR, , thanks for the post.

  1. Only accounts with one or more published tracks will appear in the list of artists. That leads to the next point, though...
  2. Not being able to publish your tracks isn't right. I'm unable to reproduce this. Could you please provide a screenshot of exactly how the track edit screen looks after you click "publish"?
  3. The songs from Rainbow Rocks have been added. :)
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