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  1. In Draconequus we've been looking for a reliable drummer for like the past two years. Here's a good example of our work.
  2. I travel a lot for work. In the past decade I've been to the US (every state except Alaska and New Hampshire), Canada (Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba), Mexico, Colombia, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy, Turkey, Niger, Ascension, Cape Verde, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, the Emirates, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Japan, and Guam. I might have forgotten a few here and there. Places I still want to visit in particular are: New Zealand, China, India, and South Africa.
  3. If it isn't too personal, could you tell us why you were denied? And is there anything stopping you from trying again? I mean, I've been rejected plenty of times for plenty of jobs, but the real question is how tenacious you are, and how determined/clever you are at finding new ways to get where you want to be.
  4. Leader? Go for it! Warrior? Signing up is pretty easy. Hero? Uh...that label (when self-appointed) tends to come with a short life expectancy.
  5. "Stop your bitching and find your way through it." - Slipknot, People = Shit
  6. When I was a kid my dream job was to be an Air Force pilot. I didn't exactly take the most direct path to that job, but I got it eventually. Now that I've been doing that for a number of years, I'm beginning to look for another "dream job." I'm not a kid anymore, so the glitzy, glamorous jobs aren't quite as important to me as they used to be. Mostly I just place a high priority on feeling a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day, and even more so if I know I've helped others along the way.
  7. Now that it's been six months, is the project finished?
  8. Any idea when the convention schedule will be posted? Specifically, I'm trying to find out what the schedule will be for the live music performances. Thanks for any help you can offer!
  9. Haven't seem that Woona in a while. Did you leave for a while?

    1. PlunderSteed


      Yes, I've been as active as ever in the overall community, but haven't been to this site in a while. Most of my time lately has been spent on work and music. My band Worst Princess has played more shows this year than ever before, and we still have more on the schedule.

  10. In this analogy, the hole is you, and the peg is the belief system you're trying to adhere to. The "shaving off" part can be done to either the peg or the hole. Many Christians end up shaving off parts of the idea: parts of it that are fringe, impractical, or just plain silly, like the whole "women should never have authority over a man" part. Nobody actually follows that to a T, because almost everyone at some point works in an organization where there is a women in charge of them at some level. Taking it a step further, in many places it's actually illegal to refuse to hire a woman into a management position because of some arbitrary belief system that has nothing to do with her qualifications. On the other hand, many Christians shave away at the hole, forcing themselves to change for the sake of accommodating the peg. In many ways this is healthy: it forces them to be more patient, more loving, etc. But in other ways it's harmful: it can make them shun and mistreat perfectly decent people simply because their life circumstances are decried by a belief system. Gays, divorced/remarried people, and rape victims have all been mistreated by Christians who have reshaped themselves into blindly applying barbaric, counter-productive attitudes without considering whether it actually serves a purpose.
  11. Last week I was having two conversations: one in text, and one on FB messenger. As it happened, both of the people I was speaking to had replied "thank you" within a few seconds of each other. One was a co-worker and the other was my lady friend. So I replied "no problem, sweetie" and added a kissy face. Unfortunately, I sent it to my co-worker. He laughed it off, apparently thinking I was being snarky. No harm done. It could have been worse, though. A LOT WORSE. My lady and I frequently go from G-rated to X-rated very quickly in our conversations, and I could very easily have sent something extremely lewd to my co-worker before realizing I was in the wrong app.
  12. I don't think I've ever actually been banned from here. A few times I was given "points" for being mean to people. At the time a few of the mods were trying to turn this place into a hugbox, which it isn't (and never has been). When someone talks out their ass, I'm probably going to call them on it. I never curse at people or insult them directly, but I sometimes mercilessly ridicule whatever dumb idea they're trying to pitch. Anyways, the points wore off, and I just kept doing my thing.
  13. Breeding. At this point we're basically a virus. Agent Smith was right.
  14. I'm gonna take this opportunity to plug Draconequus. We've been active for 2 years now. We bounce around between hard rock, power metal, thrash, and a some folk-inspired stuff. Here are some examples of our work.
  15. 2. It feels like you're writing a story rather than song lyrics. This is a common pitfall in song-writing, but as Thunder Dash alluded to, you can add a bit of originality and mystery to it by alliterating instead of telling. Of course, that's easier said than done. If you haven't already done so, try examining some of the "greats" and see how they tell stories with the lyrics without being overly blunt. Some good examples of this storytelling technique: "Sex Changes" by The Dresden Dolls. Its primary delivery method is through snippets of conversation, presented as a cautionary tale. The song has two distinctly different meanings, intertwined within each other. The first theme is about a literal sex change operation. The second theme is about how being sexually active changes us as humans. They both weave in elements of uncertainty, mourning, and regret. Neither one of the interpretations gets in the way of the other, which makes it a masterful piece of prose. The song includes some mild language, just so you know. "Killpop" by Slipknot. On the surface this song seems to be about an intimate friend who is spiraling out of control. However, in an interview Corey Taylor explained that it's about his love/hate relationship with the music industry. Like the first song I linked, both meanings are perfectly valid, and the lyrics allow for interpretation as the listener sees fit. Like most of Slipknot's work, this one has some violent imagery and very strong language.