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Future of the Eq Project!


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The Equestria project is to recreate all of Equestria in Minecraft, all the way from ponyville to Canterlot, to Yakistan so players have a massive Rp server all to themselves.




Players will be able to explore all of Equestria in as much detail as we possibly can, and not only visit the various attractions and towns but live there!


We plan for players to be able to buy homes around Eq, and to live in them and decorate them however they wish, as well as have games and events to participate in.


Role Playing: Players will be able to purchase homes in the various cities of Equestria, as well as homes outside, in nearby Griffonstone and the dragon kingdoms. Players will use pony points/bits that they've earned in Survival to sell, upgrade, and buy additional homes.

Games: Equestria is home to dozens of cities, and amongst them dozens of games and sports. Players will be able to join in on some of these various sports, such as Player verse Player, Capture the Flag, and Spleef! Not to mention the various races located around Eq. After all, with a third of the nation being speed obsessed Pegasi, races are never far away!


Equestria will continue to grow and we will constantly be adding new content, so please, drop on by and explore the world we've built!

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