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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Happy birthday. ;o

  3. Happy birthday! o >o

  4. nope, mapart is saved in the server itself and cant be transfered
  5. @@trainee wonderbolt Done Note: WE could not save the set notes so they have all been reset
  6. talk with staff on the server and we can diguss further :3
  7. Please read the post, chests are part of the "will not be transfered over" list
  8. @@DRENIX Done @@trainee wonderbolt Ready need location in new server. @@iEnderbrah Done
  9. @@DRENIX Please provide proof you have reached location (like a sign) @@SpruceTheMagicalTree Done
  10. @@ElementalFluttershee idk @@67diegoMC Done @@lazygamer_48 Transfer litterally hit the fan, took out some of your current build too due to server crash. contact online to resolve this