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Stickman's the name, bein' a brony's my game!

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Hidy ho, all my brony friends! The name's Stickman. I create 3 of my own series, each of them called Stickman's Adventures, Stickman's New Adventures, and the current one being Stickman's Amazing Adventures. I am a stickian (A stick figure) with golden hair, golden shoes, green sunglasses, a united kingdom hoodie, a hi-tech watch, a golden necklace, and a living-galaxy-like sword with many weapons included. I like to save innocent people and defeat evil. I hope I can be of good fit within Poniverse! Also, my pony form's actually an Alicorn with a sword and shield as my cutie mark. I also direct a force called the United Stickman Force, dedicated to defeat evil for about 7 years with other characters to help out.

About me:

First time being a brony: 2012.

My characteristics? Fun gamer with a expansive imagination. Check out my wiki for more on my series!


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