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  1. Ask Stickman!

    Saving the Cartoon Universe on a regular basis, hanging out with Skystar, and just training for battles. Pretty much a basic day for me Eh, considering I have multiple forms, not bad.
  2. Spoiler New round of Leaks have been released

    Even if G4 really does end, We will still have G4 in our hearts.
  3. Spoiler New round of Leaks have been released

    Pls do. I'm scared.
  4. Ask Stickman!

    Sorry, I haven't been on for a while. Yes, you may interview me! My opnion about American Economy is.... well, mixed.
  5. Ask Stickman!

    Lol, ok
  6. Ask Stickman!

    Yep! It be true.
  7. Ask Stickman!

  8. Ask Stickman!

    Yep. 1965. Been working on my 3 series since 7th grade
  9. Ask Stickman!

    "Ouuuuuuuuuh ! Tel me more ! " "I would, but i'm working on a final for my college Maybe after i'm done." So did you have time now ? Yes, I actually have time! Okay, so, I've defeated many foes. Like the Maelstrom, Tirek (After he was released, in my series), Nigel, So on and so forth. I've written too many adventures to count (1965 to be precise!), and I own my own force called the United Stickman Force.
  10. Ask Stickman!

    Anyone wanna ask me more questions?
  11. Ask Stickman!

    Of course, Wiiguy! We still good friends.
  12. Ask Stickman!

    I would, but i'm working on a final for my college Maybe after i'm done.
  13. Ask Stickman!

    The reason why i'm a legend is because i've beaten so many foes and helped save many worlds. Everyone who's anyone knows about me.
  14. Private All Hail the Demons

    I then realize that they're already out the door, I grab my gear and head towards them, speaking in a german accent like the TF2 Medic: "Hey! Wait for me!"
  15. Private All Hail the Demons

    I go to the table, thinking about how to help my friends. "Hey, guys. What's up?" (Quoted due to the text not reaching the threshold)