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  1. General Media

    Still, There's no way that my Imagination Blade can't stop anything. Me,or my force.
  2. General Media

    Heh, I like King Anduin... at least he... "Mann"-ed up. Hahahaha
  3. General Media

    You... wield the Frostmourne?! From the LICH KING?! I thought only Death Knights could wield that in Legion!
  4. General Media

    I guess somethin' like that.
  5. General Media

    Really now? Then you haven't seen the powers of my Imagination Blade.
  6. General Media

    I used my blade to save the peoples. You just used technology
  7. General Media

    You mean my blade, Techno.
  8. General Media

    Techno, you do realize both of us saved the Cartoon Universe once again, right?
  9. General Media

    Nah, it was me who prevented the end of the world. Actually, it was all of us who prevented the end of the world!
  10. General Media

    Ah please, we all know the world ain't ending.
  11. I want to share this with ya'll (Since i'm listening to it right now), it's a sound track from my favorite Mario Kart course, Music Park! Here's the song: Best if put on loop!
  12. Planning

    Yeah, those be good ideas!
  13. Planning

    Sounds interesting!
  14. Planning

    Get to work on it then, Matey!