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  1. It's been a while, hasn't it? Hmm... Wonder what's been going on in my absence?

  2. Here's a couple of artworks I made that are based on Dead by Daylight. They are, from top to bottom: Against the Mad Doctor, Ignite the Spark, and The Plauge Spreads...
  3. "We All Lift Together, Never alone!"
  4. Here's my latest artwork, based off of One Small Thing!
  5. *With a distress signal being signaled, Stickman and his friends arrive at the Underground, geared up and ready to go. They head down to the Underground through the former barrier, and make it to hotland. It was... eerily quiet.* "This... is... just something..." I said while looking around at the desolate Underground.
  6. This will be the OOC chat to those who want to join. I will open up the Amalgam Crisis rp series now.
  7. I dunno about you, but I'm staying in the fandom. I love this family! It's so open and welcoming.
  8. I think it's time to start planning for more roleplays here on the forums. So, let's start with one I've been wanting to do: Amalgam Crisis! Here's the story: Deep within the Underground, after Frisk has saved the Underground, a new threat arises. You join up with Stickman (That's me!), Jewel, Skye, and Skystar to help save the Underground. Will you rise to the cause?
  9. Here's my latest artwork: Meeting Zon. I know it's not the actual model of Zon from the Secret Saturdays, but it'll be a placeholder until someone actually makes the model. If they ever do, ofc. But for now, here's us 3 meeting our prehistoric friend!
  10. Aw shucks, thanks. I met my best friend here, but... I kinda need some time away right now to reflect on some stuff, but thanks!
  11. Stickman?

    I think I drew a picture of you once.

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      Hehehehehe, I'm only having a joke.


      But I have seen you around the forums but never met you.


      Nice to meet you.

    4. Stickman, The Legend