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  1. ooc

    Yes, the perfect band of characters! It's like that, my friend. (The Braces-Retainer hybrid)
  2. ooc

    Th-thank you all. I don't know what to do about the button. I can't even go one day without screwing everything up! ONE DAY!
  3. ooc

    I mean, the button can possibly be removed without damaging the retainers, but i'm out of options at this point. I knew this would happen, I JUST KNEW IT AUUUUUUGH WHY IS MY LIFE SO COMPLICATEDDDD S-sorry. Things have been on my mind ever since those buttons got put on me. Between the Official RP and not wanting to ruin my treatment, i'm literally thinking way too hard.
  4. ooc

    I'm going to bed, this is getting to me... hard. I have literally no idea, i'm basically in up a creek without a paddle until my mom gets home, I didn't mean to ruin my treatment ;-;
  5. ooc

    Yeah, but I think I ruined my treatment ;(
  6. ooc

    Invisalign are those invisible things that allow your teeth to shift to a more good position while not being visible.
  7. ooc

    I broke one of my buttons on my invisalign treatment (Off-topic, I know)
  8. ooc

    You're excused.
  9. ooc

    A male KING alicorn. And I agree!
  10. ooc

    Most likey, We'll have to see.
  11. ooc

    Okay, apparently, I wasn't really clear. Yes, it will take place primarily on the MLP Forums, but the off-MLP Forum RP will take place in the games.
  12. Perfect, hmm... Nope, can't top your's.
  13. As simple as it gets, you just make up a story including the user above. Good luck!
  14. Another good question! That was said by me during A Universe Created, the end of Stickman's New Adventures, and the beginning of Stickman's Amazing Adventures. I did indeed create a universe during A Universe Created, and it's full of many many planets for the USF to explore and discover, with my world being at the center of it all (No ego included.) We still have more to explore in my universe, and it's going to be one heck of a trip!
  15. Not enough? Not enough? PFFT! That's more than enough! I don't know if I can format all of this into your character page (Provided I know how to do one, it's been a while.), but I will see what I can do. Also, i'm sorry if it looks like i'm pushing for people to question me, I'm just surprised not many people asked questions right away, @WiiGuy2014