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  1. Private

    I then realize that they're already out the door, I grab my gear and head towards them, speaking in a german accent like the TF2 Medic: "Hey! Wait for me!"
  2. Private

    I go to the table, thinking about how to help my friends. "Hey, guys. What's up?" (Quoted due to the text not reaching the threshold)
  3. I will make him PAYY....
  4. OOC

    Yeah, I know about that. Btw, it's called the Friendship Blade now, I need to update the page. But anyways, I'll get used to it. Oh, I should do this: Name: Stickman (Of course) Chosen Class: Support.
  5. OOC

    You can see it in the link to my OC. (It's in my signature)
  6. OOC

    I'd love to join your RP. I LOVE to RP.
  7. Spoiler

    I loved everything about this movie. One Small Thing was my favorite song, and of course, Princess Skystar to go with it as well. I ship myself with Skystar!
  8. All my money goes to Princess Skystar. She and I go well together since she and I are child-like
  9. General

    Gee, thanks!
  10. Open

    "Good to know!" I say.
  11. Open

    "We should probably get ready for the wedding." I say.
  12. Open

    "True!" I say, still hugging Skystar. She and I lock gazes again, then keep hugging.
  13. Open

    "Eh. If they want capes, they'll want them." I say.
  14. Open

    "While I think that not everyone would want a cape, they are soft and cuddly, I do admit that." I say.
  15. Open

    "What is with you and capes?" I chuckle.