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Name help?


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So, I was filling in some of the gaps in my character's family trees, but I can't think of names for them all. I used Pony Town to make some basic concepts. Cutie marks will come eventually.


I put the named ones there for reference.


1 is 12 and 13's (Iron Heart and Golden Shield) mother and 2's wife. I think she could be a good librarian, but that's not final.

2 is 12 and 13's (Iron Heart and Golden Shield) father and 1's husband. He's a metalworker, and works closely with the Royal Guard.

3 is 9's (Heartwing) husband and 8's (Royal Curse) father.

4 is 11's (Legend's Quill) mother and 5's wife. She's probably a Wonderbolt, who uses special goggles instead of glasses when in flight.

5 is 11's (Legend's Quill) father and 4's husband. 

6 is 10's (Dawning Sky) mother.

7 is 10's (Dawning Sky) father. 


I would love any name suggestions I can get. Thank you.

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