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  3. @Scare Effect @Demencia Robinstar reached the Thunderclan camp, half asleep from the walk. "Man, am I getting old." he said to himself before he started heading to his den. Lotusstar arrived back at Riverclan camp. She went into the medicine cat den with Silvertail.
  4. @Scare Effect @Inlé “Goodbye.” Robinstar said. Lotusstar was next. “Well, I better get going as well. Hazelpaw broke her leg, and Silvertail needs to keep an eye on her.” She looked at Redstar. “Let us know if you get any more details on this disaster of yours.” She then looked at Robinstar. “And keep an eye on that kittypet. We don’t want another Ashleaf, and I’m sure you don’t want another dead cat like Newtstep.” Robinstar glared at her. “Newtstep was a good cat. If I didn’t make the promise, he’d probably be deputy. Don’t you dare talk about his murder casually like that.
  5. @Inlé @Scare Effect Can someone tell me who’s who in Skyclan? I honestly can’t keep track, and I’m listing all the current cats we know of so I can keep track. Edit: Sorry. I just saw that it was all outlined in an above post. I didn’t see that. Sorry. Notify me if there was any changes. Edit II: So I was reading some of the Skyclan RP, and there’s some characters not on the list above. Can someone make an updated list, preferably with genders?
  6. @Scare Effect @Inlé "Let's see. I gave my report, and Lotusstar gave hers...." Robinstar mumbled to himself, trying to think of who was left. He stayed like this for a moment. "Unless anyone else has anything to say, I think we're done here." he finally said.
  7. @Scare Effect @Inlé "Let's see, has everyone given their reports?" Robinstar asked. He awaited the responses of the other leaders. Lotusstar looked at the other leaders.
  8. @Scare Effect @Inlé "She will be." Robinstar assured. "Listen, can we just go on with this gathering? We get it, Ashleaf was bad." Lotusstar said, very annoyed.
  9. @Scare Effect @Inlé (Sorry, I pretty much forgot about this until now.) Robinstar hung his head. "Yeah. I know Ashleaf did many bad things. But Breezepaw won't be the same." "She better not." commented Lotusstar.
  10. You will not believe what just happened.

    So, I decided to play an old Wii game I hadn’t for a while (Toy Story Mania). This particular game’s disc has been known to make a weird bass-like sound on one of the minigames. (A western themed skee-ball game). 

    I was playing a completely different game (A standard shooting gallery, still western themed), when it started playing different sound effects from elsewhere in the game, some were pitch-shifted. Sure, fine. It was the last game, and, in the game, there’s a final score cutscene. The bass-like sound played for a few seconds before switching to more sound effects. The screen faded black, like it does every time it returns to the menu. It’s what happened during that second or two of black that sticks with me. 

    In one of the final score cutscenes, the little green aliens say “Return again.” During that blackness. I heard “Return again” in a really deep voice.

    Yeah. I think my game is possessed.

  11. @Scare Effect @Lady Moonspell "She seemed really happy to give it to him, too." Robinstar smiled. "Her kindness and generosity will be very useful to our clan." He nodded.
  12. @Scare Effect @Dream Walker "Icepaw was very grateful for that. I guess that's one of the things that led her to join our clan." Robinstar said. He smiled. Lotusstar's face was straight, just like usual.
  13. @Scare Effect @Dream Walker Robinstar nodded. "Sounds good to me." "Me too." Added Lotusstar. "All the clans also means Riverclan will be affected. I'll need to know all I can so we can prepare."
  14. @Dream Walker @Scare Effect "What? I was just pointing out the possibility that last time could have been a coincidence. A very small possibility, but still one nonetheless." Lotusstar pointed out. Robinstar just rolled his eyes and spoke. "Thunderclan can't afford to be wrong. We're low on cats as it is. We can't afford to lose any."
  15. @Scare Effect @Dream Walker "Hmm. I wonder what it could be?" Robinstar said. Lotusstar cut him off. "There's no point in speculation. Something may or may not happen. We'll have to wait and see if it happens and, if so, what it is."
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    @Rikifive Thanks for clearing that up for me.
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    events Episode 200 Banner Contest

    @Jeric Was the anonymous one mine? Edit: This one?
  18. @Dream Walker @Scare Effect Robinstar nodded. "Hey Redstar, what's happening in Skyclan? Anything bad or worrying?" He said empathetically. He honestly wondered what was going on in his head. It could be something horrible that affects all the clans.
  19. @Dream Walker @Scare Effect “I’ve given her to Brookwing. She may be a little inexperienced, but she needs a friend, and it’s a good place to start.” He smiled at the Briarstar, the less hostile leader. “Anyway, what’s going on in Windclan?”
  20. @Scare Effect @Dream Walker Robinstar took a moment to compose himself before speaking again. “I can speak for the entirety of Thunderclan when I say that Ashleaf doesn’t represent all kittypets. I hope Breezepaw turns out a fine warrior. That is all.” He stepped back.
  21. @Dream Walker @Scare Effect “We all know what happened to Ashleaf, Ravenstar. You don’t have to bring him up.” Robinstar said unhappily. Lotusstar looked at Robinstar. “Of course you would take another kittypet in. You’re desperate to prove that your clan is capable of actually training a kittypet as a warrior and not a traitor.” Robinstar grew angrier. “Lotusstar, Thunderclan is perfectly capable of training a warrior. You’ll see that in a few moons, when Breezepaw finishes her training.”
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