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Can someone draw my human character?

Props ValRoa

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I would like someone to draw one of my more recent human characters. I would be very thankful for getting artwork of her.


Calist embodies the concept of the waters. She covers over lakes, rivers, oceans, etc however she mainly hangs out in the ocean. Generally she doesn't stay in one place and prefers to admire the beauty of the ocean as she moves about. She doesn't like humans all that much because they pollute the ocean and overhunt fish. She's a loner and prefers to be left alone by others, even of her own kind. While alone she tends to be peaceful and elegant, though whenever she sees human ships above she can't help but scowl in disgust. She cleans up the oceans from pollution, and she's at a loss as to why humans are doing this to their planet. She may call humans names and insult, but usually she won't attack.

Calists hair is split either side, blue and green with a sunlight glint that slowly shifts from blue to green, with a flowy effect to it. Moving down her body she's wearing a dress which is made out of seaweed woven together with other ocean plants, with what seems to be symbols of waves, and underwater related things along the bottom of it. The dress stops around where her ankles are, where her boots are blue, and leathered with no laces or anything. Her arms are a somewhat strong build as a matter of fact but not overly strong, with some 'markings' of wavey dark lines along her arms and body. She's carrying a trident of a silvery blue, 3 pronged at the top ending with a dark green as if it was blood splattered onto it, but that's just the paint or the look of the metal on the point.


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