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wanting help thinking of personalities for my ponies


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these ponies are based off of my toys.. so it's kinda hard sometimes on terms of personality... :yeahno:



can anyone help me? :kindness:





the one's i mananged to think up, so far are:


the pegasus, piyo  - personality: she is energetic and tomboyish... She complains about having to listen to "sappy" and "namby-pamby" stories... Although brash and spunky, she is skittish and self-conscious....
the pegasus, hina *rather... she's a flutter pony.. she's pretty like one Oshawott Faboo Wink Plz *    personality: hina is very kindhearted and innocent....  Despite this, she is often mischievous & naive...However, she remains positive and well-meaning in times of crisis, especially if she is responsible.  she's a little shy as well MLP Fluttershy (Hide) Plz 
the earth pony, aoi - personality: she's Brave and independent... she's kind & helpful....  *i'd like to expand just a little bit, if i'm able to :twi:*
the one's who need personalites are:
the unicorn, creamy *blacky & flossy's best friend* *unicorn*
the earth pony,  blacky *earth pony*
if you think of anything that might work on them, i'll think about them & let you know... that'd be great :mlp_icwudt:
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