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Ask Douglas the Scottish Twin Engine


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Hello thare, laddies an' lassies! Ah'm Douglas! A Scottish engine an' proud o' it!


Ye probly remimber me fra the Railwey Series books by the Reverend W. Awdry, an' tha TV series Thomas tha Tank Engine an' Freends. Ah live an' werk oan tha Island O' Sodor as engine nummer 10. Ah mainly pull guids trains, but ah occasionally take passenger trains as wael. Me an' mah twin brother Donald werk pretteh much ev'ryweir, although we mainly werk oan tha Lil' Waestren wi' Duck an' Oliver.

Anywey, since mah guid freend @shyabetes3939 recomminded this tae me, ah'm here if ye have any questions regairdin' me or mah freends here oan tha North Waestren Railwey. I'm nae tha kind o' lad who inseests that ye alweys keep yer questions clean, sae feel free to swear if ye want, I dinnae mind. Juist dinnae be a wee prick aboot it! :mlp_smug:

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@KindaEvilTwily Thank ye verra much for askin', laddie. It's a bit o' a lang storeh. I'll try to tell it tae ye as simply as ah can:

Wael, it was 1959. The age o' tha diesel engine wis a' comin', an' uz steam engines were bein' withdrawn an' scrapped. At last tha day came. Donald (then nummer 57646) was tae be sent tae Sodor tae begin a new life. But ah (nummer 57647) wis not. I would hae been scrapped, if Donald an' I hadnae come up wi' a plan. We took off oor nummers an' we both went tae Sodor. Tha Fat Controller would hae sent one o' uz back, but he couldna because he didna ken which o' uz wis tha one he ordered. Sae he gave us numbers and set uz tae werk. Donald was nummer 9, an' ah was nummer 10.

Although our plan seemed foolproof, I still worried aboot bein' sent home, sae much sae that ah got distracted an' forgot tae shunt a cooch for Thomas. Ah wis bloody terrified when ah found out aboot mah blunder, sae oor drivers decided tae swap oor tenders, since there were nummers oan them, but nane on uz. Tha Fat Controller wisnae fooled though, an' he was verra pissed at both o' uz.

After that, a certain spiteful brakevan stairted to cause nae end o' trouble for me. Time an' time again that wee prick made mah trains late, an' ah wis blamed. He stairted behavin' better, though, when Donald bashed some sense inna him. But then Donald crashed inna a signal box an' ah accidentalleh destroyed that brakevan At that point, things were nae lookin' guid for uz. Basicalleh everything that could hae gone wrong had.

But after we did a great job plowin' snow that winter an' rescued Henry from a big snowdrift, tha ither engines petitioned tae the Fat Controller, beggin' that he let us both stay oan the Island. In the end he did, an' we've been happileh werkin' here iver since!

Ye really should watch oor story fer yersel though. :mlp_please:




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