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The Yamato Project: Looking for a proofreader/editor

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The Yamato Project


Hey guys I’m looking for a proof-reader/editor who is committed to proof-read/edit my fanfic work. I've only done the Chapter 1 to 3 and still working on chapter 4. The prologue is done by a previous proof-reader but he didn’t want to continue due to him being busy. So DM me or comment below if you are interested in proof-reading/edit my fanfic or if you know anyone that proof-read/edit you can still DM me or comment. Also here’s the overview story of my fanfic ‘Blue Steel Yamato’ below this paragraph if you’re interested in it. Thank you

Note: I don't mind if it's more than one proof-reader/editor.

My overview of Blue Steel Yamato

The fanfic 'Blue Steel Yamato' is basically a story about the old battleship Yamato coming back to life from the seafloor by one of the main characters like Imperial Crest (My OC name) with the help of his friends to save his country Zipang (outside of Equestria basically similar to Japan) from being captured by the New Lunar Republic forces using the battleship Yamato. The story takes place around the main show to the present. The series will focus on the ship (possibly) and the characters (there will be more characters later in the fanfic series) and their development and challenges they have to face as the story progresses. It’s basically inspired story from the popular military/sci-fi/ space opera anime genre called Space Battleship Yamato (both classic and remake) with the mlp setting but not in space but in the expanded world of Equestria and the Yamato is in its WW2 look, not the space battleship version. There will be other references from other animes, cartoons, and movies in the series that's going to be mentioned or appear. So that's basically my own summary of my fanfic.

Other social media to DM or email me:

Instagram: imperial__blue__crest (my account is priv so my profile pic looks like a blue alicorn oc)

Fimfiction: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/286622/Imperial_Blue_Crest

Gmail: admiral.imperial.crest@gmail.com

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