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The First Of Many - (OC interactivity RP)

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You were instructed by a few ponies you know to seek therapy.

As for what you may need it for is up to your own discovery. As embarrassing as it may seem, you need help with some issues by a professional despite your efforts to fix things yourself. As you ponder on how you will go about this while walking down a busy street in Manehatten, you approach tall building looming over your thoughts and body. You look up to see the big banner overhead that reads "Manehatten Psychiatric Evaluation Inc.". Your ears perk up as you read the bottom line of the banner "Now accepting new clientele". This is it! This how you can fix things! A good mental health evaluation should tell you whats wrong and then you can get back to normal. You rush into the building; pushing through the two front doors with determination. Inside was the front office of the entire building. Nopony was there except a secretary mare at a closed off desk with stacks of paper on it. She didn't seem to notice you until you curiously approached the front. The grey old mare's stern facial expression didn't move an inch when she spoke to you. 

"You're here for the Sit-Down right? It's over there. Just walk through the door and sit down to wait for one of our interns." the mare said while pointing to a door off to the right of a mini lounge. Before you could answer or even speak, the grey mare got up and took some folded papers to what seemed to be a closet. She didn't care to come out. You were left alone to see things for yourself. Reluctantly, you walk over to the door the mare pointed at and read the sign next to it. It read "Free First Session: Free for all Sit-Down." 


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