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Q&A on December 6th with Ward Jenkins:In conjunction with...

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Q&A on December 6th with Ward Jenkins:

In conjunction with their annual Making Christmas Merrier charity drive for BC Children’s Hospital, Poniverse will be hosting a Q&A session with season 6 storyboard artist, Ward Jenkins!

Ward Jenkins is an illustrator, having worked on several children’s books in the past such as the Good Crooks series, New York, Baby and much more. More recently, he’s begun working with DHX as a storyboard artist for season 6 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!  This will be the fandom’s first chance to get to know Ward Jenkins, so there’s never been a better time to stop by MLP Forums!

Their Q&A with Ward Jenkins on MLP Forums is part of Poniverse’s Making Christmas Merrier charity drive. Each December, Poniverse raises money to purchase gifts for the children at the BC Children’s Hospital. Making Christmas Merrier is filled with crazy antics like staff-songs, giveaways, fanfic readings, and more, all to raise awareness for this noble cause!

Join us on MLP Forums December 6th at 2 PM Eastern time so you can be part of our Q&A with Ward Jenkins!

BC Children’s Hospital is a non-profit organisation and serves one million children living in BC, Canada. If you would like to participate in our fundraiser and help raise funds for BC Children’s Hospital, you can donate directly to the BC Children’s Hospital in support of Making Christmas Merrier here. For Paypal donations, you can donate via this page. Let us unite and chip in for a worthy cause! Remember that every cent goes a long way in helping to brighten up the children’s lives.

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