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Maradice Isle - New Demo release delayed due to uploading errors


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Well, looks like we're running into some trouble trying to get Demo V0.2.0 of the game up! It seems no matter what I do, it just fails to upload the new demo build! I've tried and tried over and over, but with no success. I understand it's about 813 MBs in size, but this is such a kick in the teeth!

Currently I'm trying to put the game up on GameJolt, but so far it hasn't been too successful. Every time I try to upload it, it gets to %98 through the processing phase, and then it breaks down entirely and fails. And since a hacker got my account on RPGMaker.Net shut down, I can't put it up there, either!

I'm running out of options to upload and publish this new build, and it's got me deeply depressed, and considering abandoning the project. My only option is to put it up on MEGA.com ( something that I can trust to not screw up on me mid-upload ) and find another site to host it on.

If anybody can find me one such site I can host this thing on ( beside GameJolt, because I can already tell they're not going to help me fix this problem, and I can't access RPGMaker.net anymore ) that will allow downloads from MEGA.com, please let me know. The project is in serious danger, and unless action is taken immediately, the consequences will be catastrophic.


UPDATE: A member of the GameJolt staff is trying to help me fix this problem. Maybe I'll catch a break and I won't have to relocate the game elsewhere after all. I'll let you know what happens.

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Well, for now, I was able to get the new build uploaded to MEGA.com ( Thank goodness; MEGA never lets me down ).

If anybody wants to download the new build, here's the link: https://mega.nz/#!KZ4jSA4T!kOJJCn_DNrSKH5jtMrGwOalWnOzG-nafB04uav20wIY

I'll have a change-log of what's new with this release up on the game's GameJolt page shortly.


QUICK EDIT: Just put the V0.2.0 changelog on the game's page. It'll be on the pinned comment.

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