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Something I am really in need of lately is a new image of Kyoshi to use as my avatar. Something tailored for that purpose. Soooo....uhhhh...if anyone here is up for it, would it be possible to get a "headshot" art of Kyoshi? @Pucksterv drew a wonderful one for me a long while back and that makes me want one that is more up to date.

Something along the lines of this style but without the half gas mask. Same sort of expression but with a positive expression like a smile. Could be with the teeth showing something more basic, entirely up to you. My current sig also is a reference you can use. Don't recreate this same side angle, just do whatever you think would look best for use as an avatar. 


If anyone wants to do this I will greatly appreciate it. :) Of course I will give credit back to you as well, I can link your Deviant Art account if you have one. If you need any other details or references do let me know. 

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