Ponifying Jake Micheals

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Hello, i am new here, and for the longest time a particular character of mine has always been difficult to ponify. A little backstory, Jake Micheals has been my own OC that i have had waaay longer than ive been a brony, I've had a general idea of him since i was 5, and i fleshed him out more as years went by, so bringing him into the pony world has been something i have done, but the design... has changed a lot. So who is Jake? Well...

Jake Micheals is a hybrid... kinda... he is the product of gene splicing from a human starter, the scientist who took him spliced powerful races into his blood, changing him genetically for ever. I unfortunatly dont have any refs, and i dont have the money to buy one, though i have been trying to. Jake's own appearence has changed due to the process, and a feww other things tthat happened throughout his life, for example his hair used to be Brown, but after a transformation, his hair has forever become silverm his eyes are also silver, and always has been, a product of the gene splicing. His usual outfit is a black and white training Gi, yes much like goku from dbz, ik ik, but it doesnt have any symbol, he is 6ft, and is decently muscular.

What species does jake have? Well to list the most important ones, Saiyan, Darkosan(Basically evil dudes with evil energy, reason for this but i wont get into it unless asked), and Divinity. Those are the most prominent ones. I've always had his eyes silverm and hair white, but it's been his coat that's caused problems, i thought black, but i dont like how it looks, does anyone have any suggestions?

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