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  1. Who here has ever watched Ernest, I've watched all the movies, and I've seen the TV show, it wasn't that great, but the movies are great, Ernest Goes To Camp is the best one in my opinion, second is Slam Dunk Ernest
  2. @You i didnt quit after one episode, i watched the full season then stopped
  3. lets say... oh... idk... i dont have any friends... what do i do on freindship day?
  4. They do fill though If they were fries, I'd eat many many many, lol but baked is good too, I never could really get into mashed, I never liked the texture
  5. All the potatoes, raw? Cooked? Made into fries?
  6. heyo, if you are still doing this id love to get a request done, i have a few ponies you can choose from, the grey one is jackie, she has no cutie mark, the white on her flank is the tip of her wings, the blue one is Rocker, you can leave out the scarf but he needs headphones, and the red one is Azun, he's a demon pony, you can do one or two or all, but i'll leave whichever one you do up to you. Whichever one you do i'll probably keep as refernce for whenever i need one for that char, and i'll be sure to credit you of course
  7. while i love a lot of brony songs, im subscribed to both Ponies@Dawn and Cider Party, my favorite right now is Come Alive Lavender Remix
  8. well good afternoon then
  9. how many potatoes could you eat in one sitting?
  10. thank you! I hope you are having a good moning/afternoon/night/hot dog eating contest
  11. ooooohhhhhhhh okay that makes sense thank you
  12. i enjoy anything that's rare, though i prefer legendary items, i love legendary steak