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general Please help me find this story!


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Hello everybody! I finally returned to this forum after years just to ask a quick question (but I might stay for longer)


6 years or so ago I read my very first mlp fanfiction. I believe it was called Breaking Twilight. It was a story in which Nightmare Moon is still free and has Twilight in her captivity. If I recall correctly it was a rather grim story. I can’t seem to find it anywhere however!

If anyone knows where Breaking Twilight is I would appreciate it. I look it up and just see a bunch of stuff from the book series, Twilight. I hope someone here can help me out. 

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Asking a question that can be answered quickly would be better suited as a status update or blog entry (which can be accessed by making 5 posts), aonce the question is answered, the thread no longer serves a purpose. Locking.

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