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gaming Bought Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for PS3. So worth it.


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40 games, two-thirds of which I've never played (I've played a lot of Sonic games Posted Image )


I gave like ten or twelve of them a try earlier and I can say I'm quite satisfied. I got to stage 6 in Alien Storm and loved that, loved E-SWAT (even though the boss of the first level was a bitch), loved Decap Attack (Quirky platformers ftw), definitely had to give Phantasy Star II a try (since I don't have a second PS3 controller to get Phantasy Star I with) and I still haven't touched a ton of them like Shining Force, Golden Axe and Streets of Rage. My only gripe about the game is that there is no Castlevania: Bloodlines on there but it's cool.


I also played Shinobi III and honestly it's difficulty is way overhyped.


...I supposed I should play higher than easy difficulty with less t han 70 Shurikans before I say that though. Posted Image


I did manage to unlock Shinobi Arcade though because I beat the first stage without using a continue.

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I have had this game for a while now, I don't play it very often, but I agree, it is well worth the money. I mostly got it for the Sonic games, but I might play the games either for Trophies, or to see what they are like.

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I've played every Sonic game on here for years because of the Mega Collection, Gems Collection, Sonic DX unlockable games, etc. so I have no desire to really play them. LOL


Seriously though they are all great games from the looks of it. I've been wanting to play Phantasy Star for a long time and I hear Shining Force is great too. Didn't expect to live Alien Storm as much as I did though.

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