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I was introduced to ponies in early April, and since then I have gotten more and more into mlp:fim. I'm into all aspects of the show and the fandom (fanfics, pmv's, comics, music, you name it). This is the first time that I will be a part of a brony community though, and needless to say I'm really excited!


So now, a bit about me. I love Disney movies - there are simply no movies like them. I am really into music, and I play piano and trombone. I can really connect with a good song or book, and if I like a book enough I will probably spend weeks of randomly daydreaming about it. I've played many sports, but the one I stuck with is speedskating. I also tend to overthink things waaaaayyyyy too much.


I can't wait to start sharing with you guys !

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Welcome! So you like Disney movies, music and good books? Me too! I truly hope you have as much fun as I have been having. This is the first time I've really been part of the community also.

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Heya Bon Bon, welcome to the forums.


I can certainly relate to drifting off thinking about a good book, it's crazy how far your mind can wonder if you let it.


Anyways, enjoy your time here!

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