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  1. Hey Junbotic, It looks as though your friend request was still pending on PinkiePieJr's end. I've gone ahead and manually approved the request on their behalf. Your friends list should be updated accordingly.
  2. Swoop

    What are you listening to right now?

    Damn, I haven't heard Tat's Who Is Calling in years. Tatanka sure loves his aliases.
  3. Swoop

    BronyCon 2013: It's a wrap!

    With the events of BronyCon now drawing to a close, the BronyCon Supporters badge have been removed, and each supporting member has been returned to their original user group. Sorry fellas, no more pink text. A big thanks to everyone who contributed to our BronyCon appeal. I need not mention the impact you have had on the development of MLP Forums and Poniverse; the results well and truly speak from themselves. While the convention may be over, the Poniverse team continues to kick on. Let's see how far we can go.
  4. Swoop


    @@Shift A brohoofs caption works for me!
  5. Swoop


    A fair point. The default reputation ranks have remained the same since this forum began, and we don't have any plans on utilising the feature in the near future. I've gone and removed the ranks from the reputation bar. Look any cleaner?
  6. There are a few reasons why we refrain from deleting member accounts: Deleting an account would entail the removal of the member's topics, posts and blog entries. An action that could likely leave large gaps in the flow of conversations, or if the member happens to be the OP of a topic, potentially remove an entire thread.Generally, those who wish to have their accounts deleted, are the ones who end up returning at a later date. While this is not always the case, we've had members mark their return the the forums after weeks, months, or even over a year of absence. It's much simpler for us to leave inactive accounts intact, than it is for us to encounter a member who wishes to return after having their entire history here wiped.Most users wish to have their accounts deleted due to privacy concerns. Given that members are capable of changing all the information listed on their profile, in addition to their display name and log-in information, we are of the opinion that members are able to sufficiently cover their tracks if need be. It's also worth noting that we're often happy to oblige if a member wishes to have a specific post or thread of theirs removed due to personal matters (within reason of course).From an administrative perspective, it's of benefit for us to take a conservative approach to removing member content – you never know what information may be of use when dealing with issues in the future. I hope this clears things up for you.
  7. Swoop

    Defqon.1 2013 - My Defqon.1 Timetable

    No Psyko Punkz? A fair decision. Geck-O over WP? A necessary sacrifice. Geck-E over the Prophet? Absolute Blasphemy.
  8. Swoop

    Hello :D

    Heya Kroire, After speaking with you in a status update moments ago, I noticed you were new to the forums, so I figured I'd come and give you a proper welcome. As I'm sure you're aware, we're a pretty affable bunch around here. Even if you are new to a forum environment, I'm sure you'll fit in nicely. See you around!
  9. Swoop

    Gaming Stepmania

    x3? Phew, a bit too fast for my taste. I'd tinker in the settings and set it up to maybe x1.5 or x2, but anything above and my reaction times take a nasty blow. Hah, I wish that was me! I couldn't manage anything better than a C on it, and more often than not I'd lose it at the 0:55 mark. I'm definitely not what you'd call a skilled player, but I enjoyed playing nonetheless!
  10. Swoop

    Gaming Stepmania

    Ngh, Powerpill anyone? One of the few games I used to play on my old laptop. Quite fun to waste time on every now and again, despite the inevitable hand cramps it caused me from some rather unnatural finger movements. Never managed to obtain a rating greater than AA for more difficult songs, though for the most part, I was satisfied with a mere pass.
  11. Swoop

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    Maybe! Gotta finish work n' stuff first, though. No worries, I'll hunt it down myself eventually. Never happened. You're seeing things.