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  1. \/

    You sure have been gone for a while, Swoop.

  2. An early happy 21st to you, AC. Be sure to have a great one! ^^

    1. ~Chaos~


      Thank you, Swoop! ^^

  3. Hey Junbotic, It looks as though your friend request was still pending on PinkiePieJr's end. I've gone ahead and manually approved the request on their behalf. Your friends list should be updated accordingly.
  4. Hey Swoop, heard this one ?

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    2. ProjectRKA


      You should check this one out too by Wild Motherfuckers http://www.hardstyle.com/wild-motherfuckers/wild-wild-west a bit cheesy, but in an awesome way :P

    3. Swoop


      Haha yeah, I heard that one a week or so back. Cheesy as fuck but thats just how WMF have always been; I wouldn't want it any other way!

    4. ProjectRKA


      I wouldn't say they've always been cheesy. Tracks like Fother Mucker, We Don't Care, etc, aren't cheesy in my opinion :P

  5. Happy day of birth :)

    1. Swoop


      Thank you kindly, Dimitri! :)

  6. Happy birthday, Swoop! :D

    1. Swoop


      Cheers Blue Moon!

  7. Happy Birthday, Swoop! :D

    1. Swoop


      Thanks Vexx! Appreciate it. :)

  8. Happy birthday! It's been nearly a year since you posted your last status :o

    1. Swoop


      Thanks TS! It has been quite a while, I'm sure I'll get around to updating it… eventually that is. :P

  9. Happy birthday bud!

    1. Swoop


      Thank you, Silver! :)

  10. Remi

    Happy birthday, Swoop.

  11. Happy birthday to you, Swoopy!

    1. Swoop


      Thanks Chaotic Lightning! :)

  12. Happy b-day, Swoop!

    1. Swoop


      Thanks for the birthday wishes, Spoon!