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Why do we get screwed in Canada?

Dany Heatley

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I just signed up here to rant that the crap network Treehouse (a channel for kids like 3 and under) is the only network in canada that has this show on, and even when it is it's rare as the show is only on like 4 times a week, usually at 4 in the morning. The show is basically written and animated in Canada, so you think it would be on here more. WTF is up with that.


Also, they censor out the stupidest things. In "Party of one", they censor out when pinkie pie says "losers". What a joke


They also never show new episodes either. Why was this show picked up by only one channel? and why does that channel suck? This is probably one of the best shows on tv, yet it isn't.


/rant :angry:

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If you want to join our community here, there certainly isn't anything wrong with that. But if all you have come to do is rant about your television networks, I don't think you will last very long. This isn't the sort of thing this community is for. Especially with those last 2 words in your post, someone could very easily take offense to them.


I Suggest you introduce yourself in the "Welcoming Plaza" Forums, and try to make a better start, please. Everypony here is always looking forward to new members, just not ones who are only here to complain. So please try to make better quality posts if you want to stay, and try to keep offensive words out of it.


In any case, Welcome to the forums, if you are here to stay I hope you have as great a time as the rest of us! :)

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