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Album Upload Feature

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What if there was an option for the fancy uploader that allows someone to upload a group of songs as and "album compilation"?




when the upload as album button is selected (grey square checkbox in the markup), a group of buttons appear that act as radio buttons next to each track, allowing you to "select" which track is "featured" - this track is the track that will show up on the pony.fm homepage under "newest tunes", possibly with a prefix.


So, say that I were to upload the above as an album. when the uploads finish, only one track will appear under "The Newest Tunes" - the Babs Seed Remix - and will look like this (anything in brackets will appear as-is): [Album - 3] Babs Seed [Anorax Remix]



or, simplified, the format would be this:

[Album - %x] %T

where %x is number of tracks in the album, and %T is the 'featured' track title. This can dynamically change when someone goes in to edit the 'featured' track.


There should probably be specific Album editing properties in this window in that case, I'll have to mark these up later.

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I like the idea of having some kind of "album uploader" mechanism. Thanks for the detailed concept mockups, Anorax.


I've been thinking of implementing it somewhat differently, though, in a mechanism where you create the album first and then that album has its own uploader (ex: https://pony.fm/a542/upload). Every track uploaded using that album's uploader will be directly attached to that album.


The idea of granting a user control over which track is the "featured one" for the homepage sounds nice, but I don't think it's really necessary. Simply showing a user's last published track would be simpler and easier to understand. I'll consider adding some kind of visual differentiation for tracks that are part of an album, though; that should be quite doable and rather fun. :)

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