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Hello im new to the site


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My name is Benjamin Aka soul iv been a brony for 2 years i love making music and reading fanfiction just wanted to join a new forum to get used to the community i was on Mylittleremix  but that website is more business oriented than friendship oriented sooo  nice to meet y'all cant wait to talk about bronystuff 

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you mean like a Siganture? Btw the Squirrel thing is a rank based on how many posts you have made. you get muffin after five posts cupcake after 40, Parasprite after 100, Butterfly after 200. Squirrel after 300, and so on and so forth.

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yay thanks for the welcome squirrel ummm i was just wondering how do i make a banner ?

You can only add a signature to your account if you are a certain rank.

I'm not sure what exact rank you have to be, but its muffin or cupcake.

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