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Fandom Heartwarming Thread(To Counter the Crap)


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With all the complaining that the fandom has gone to hell, I think we need a thread to concentrate pn the heartwarming and awesome things going on. I'll start off with a couple recent ones, the link the ThankYouDHX tweet tag EqD posted about:




and this image I found on Facebook a while back.



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Yesterday, Youtuber Theorybrony, announced he was getting kicked out on the street (I think he couldn't pay his rent don't quote me on that) then another Youtuber, Digibrony, made a video asking for help the from the fandom. And they responded by raising enough money so he could travel to wherever he needed to go to find a place to live. Digibrony has since posted another video saying everything is ok.


Theorybrony's anouncement:


Digibrony's call for help: 

Mission accomplished:


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Try this for heartwarming.





8bithoof just shared this on his status updates, and it's on a thread in music also. This gave me such a boost I can't begin to describe it. Here's a guy serving in the Navy, playing and singing very well about being proud to be a Brony. 


If that isn't a shot in the arm, I'd like to see one.

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This is beautiful :')


So nice to see how something as simple as a show about friendship can influence people to do such beautiful things. This fandom is right up there with Doctor Who in terms of making me feel good about life.

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