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Deleting Notifications - Free up server space?


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Just a question I had on my mind...


If I were to go into my notifications and delete all of them (as I do on a regular basis), how much of an impact does that make on server space / processing speed?


I mean, theoretically, if every single person on this board were to delete all of their notifications right now, would it make that much of a difference?


In the same respect, do private messages work the same way?

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The notifications table currently contains 107,084 notifications, and clocks in at around 116 MB. Members are limited to storing up to 500 notifications at once, so deleting all of yours would make virtually no difference, neither to disk usage nor performance (once you get more than 500 notifications, the oldest ones will automatically be deleted).


Disk space isn't an issue, anyway, as my VPS has over 100 GB of it. Thanks for the concern, but this isn't something you need to worry about. :)

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