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Unicorn Ampyrion


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Name: Ampyrion

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Unicorn

Appearance: Dark blue coat, a ruddy brownish mane, and eyes like two chips of ice (not literally)

I'll upload a pic when I'm less lazy


Cutie Mark: Droplet of water


Personality: Brave and reckless when in battle situations, normally very calm. He doesn't make many friends, but paradoxically he's also afraid of being alone.


Backstory: Ampyrion was the last in his class to attain his cutie mark. Every day when he trudged out of school, he would be the only blank flank admist a sea of newly-marked filles/colts. Being the only one without, he was bullied very often, even by those he had thought were friends. Being the lonely colt he was, he walked home depressed, often bruised, every day. His only solace was the vast lake that his house sat at the edge of. Its shimmer was enough to wash away his troubles, and he sat by the shoreline every day, doing his homework or eating his dinner.


Unfortunately for him, the school bullies heard about this, which did nothing to increase Ampyrion's popularity with the rest of the school. One day, as a mean joke, a few of them hid in a bush while Ampyrion took his daily walk across the shoreline. When he got close, they grabbed him and threw him in the lake. They thought a lake addict like him would be sure to swim away, but to their surprise, Ampyrion started to drown-he had never learned how to swim.


Right as his head went under, an air bubble formed around him, forcing air back into his lungs. The currents, which had been pulling him towards the center, reversed of their own accord and pushed him back to shore. When he had recovered enough to stand up, he realized that he, too, had a cutie mark. Water.


Ever since then, he's had a close bond to water, the element that saved his life. Just as water saved his life, he is now determined to use it to save others, enlisting in the Ponyville firefighters squad and emergency rescue teams. He always keeps an eye out for danger, and has made a promise to himself-he will never be alone again.

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