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Hey all! 


Wasn't really too sure where to place this, hope I'm not in the wrong place ^^"

But while re-watching (for the nth time) Episode 1 ~ Friendship is Magic (Pt. 1) I noticed something rather suspicious, which I think may be an accidental flaw. I love finding things like this! Makes me feel like I've been paying attention, which I have been, of course. But what I seen (around the 20 minute mark) was the Cutie Mark Crusaders (if that's what they were called back then) in a cuddled up state of fear from Nightmare Moon...from what I remember, the three didn't meat until Episode 12 of Season 1 in "Call of the Cutie", because they meet in the end and introduce their selves, thus becoming friends. So how did they know each other back then? Makes you wonder don't it? Thought I'd bring this to attention for observation and possible discussion. I think it's kind of cool, don't know what the writers were thinking? But still, it's cool. Here's a picture to see the exact scene I refer to in Episode 1 (Season 1):



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They probably didn't know each other back then, and was just extreme foreshadowing. After all, just being next to someone doesn't mean you actually know them, and they were probably put together just to show the terror NMM can have. Adults are scared, kids are scared, etc etc.


Besides, when you're being taken over by a tyrannical Alicorn who can forever bring darkness into the world (and can shoot lightning indoors), you probably aren't paying too much attention to who you're standing next to.

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