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     Well hello ponyverse! I'm excited to be here! As you can read I'm RedMane. My pass-times include lots of reading (mostly murder mysteries and historical fictions), writing (love stories, interactive murder mysteries, historical fictions) acting, singing and working with animals and kids. I hope these forums will provide some entertainment and maybe even some thought-provoking arguments. I'm excited to create some ponies of my own, as I said I'm a writer!

     Several of my friends (I know a lot of bronies) have compared me to Pinkie Pie, if that gives you an idea about my personality. Though if I had to pick a cutie mark I think it would be an orangutan, they're the first animal I ever fell in love with and the ones I ultimately would like to end up working with. My big dream is to be the next Jack Hanna. 

     One thing I can't do well is art: drawing, painting, sculpting, all that escapes me. The best I can do is some stick figures and awkward, lopsided shapes haha! 

    Well, that's me in a nutshell! Thanks for reading!


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You sound scarily like myself. I thought I destroyed all the clones...  :blink:


Anyway, welcome! It's always great to see a new face, especially a writer. You should hop on over to Octavia's Hall and get your art/writing fix. We have a great community of writers here who are excited to read what you have to offer. 


If you ever need help around the site or just wanna chat, feel free to hit up myself or any other user via PM. We're a friendly bunch and we don't bite (hard (most of the time)).


Great meeting you! Hope to see you around.  :wub:



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Hey there RedMane and welcome to the forums! By the looks of your interesting and brief biography you sound like a really cool person to me. Hope to see you around the forums. ;)

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