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Last Stand of Harmony Production team recruiting


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The Last Stand of Harmony is a large fan based group production currently underway, designed as a pitch to hasbro studio for an ending to the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic story.


An idea of the story (the unofficial teaser trailer)



We are standing at 18 planned episodes and are looking for a few more staff members to bring the episodes to life.


We are a fun, hard working and bright team hoping to get a few more artists to join our ranks.


Right now our staff stands at 16 from writers, and artists, to music creators and animators. But need a few more to improve our already unique and fun story.


Right now we are looking for:


Writers- With a strong understanding of the MLP FiM Universe, willing to work in a multi writer team to product episodes, and willingness to help other writers that may need help. (every pony will be given a chance)


Editors- right now we need 3 editors to fill spots on our 4 writing teams, we are looking for pony's with strong grammar skills that are willing to help to story be the best it can be.


Artists- We are looking for 3 artists to help bring our teams visions to life, you will not have to design full episodes think of it as a novel as far as the artworks go.


Animation Staff- We are currently planning an animated trailer and animatic to episode 1 and are looking for flash animators that would love to help out, would love to see a sample work of what you can do so we can place you into the forming team.


Background designers- we are looking for as many as we can get, prefer vector expiriance but will not turn down other media forms. You will be designing the backdrops for the animations and put into a team as well.


Voice Actors- For the main six, Soarin and a number of others, if interested please pm me for details.


Right now we are planning on having a booth ready for Everfree and Brony con next year for the release and toys created for this story.


All whom take part will of course get credit for their work, a chance to be seen by hasbro and if all goes well aired on tv one day.


We are not our to make millions we are out to tell a great story, if you'd like to help in other areas please post we could always use more help.


If you'd like to join us or you'd like more information please pm me or post right here and reply as soon as possible.

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