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    I love to draw, write stories and above all animate. I play world of warcraft (can't till I get a new computer V_V), creating games in RPG maker VX, spend a lot of my free time sketching at the nearby lake, and love being in nature, brings me a lot of inspiration.

    I will do pony related art requests, all practice is good practice ^_^.

    My main tools of the trade are:
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Flash
    Adobe Sound Booth (Cs3)
    Maya 2010
    MS Word
    RPG Maker VX
    Celtx (free screenplay writing software)

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  1. Happy birthday! c: Hope you have a lovely time~ ^~^

  2. Greetings, I'm Cast Production Director of the MLP Fan Feature Film Last Stand of Harmony and I'm here today to answer any questions you might have about our film, the process involved in creating a feature or animated work, and really anything else you want to throw at me. This is the first of I hope many Poniverse Exclusive content we can bring to you. Last Stand of Harmony is a fan film born right here on MLP forums and we'd like to give something back to you that helped inspire the story and vision of the film we are creating. With this we would like to offered the film as a thank you to all you bronys that have found a home on MLP Forums and helped shape this wonderful fandom. Here is some basic information about our film: Teaser Trailer in Production- The Last Stand of Harmony is a completely fan built story and animated feature film project, we wanted to tell a story that differs from that of the real show and that could be set apart in both its history and its future. We have designed the film as a what if ending the Twilight Sparkles Adventures with her friends, her being put to her final test, reform the destroyed Elements of Harmony. This film is being done in both traditional hand drawn animation and flash animation for the main film. We are also exploring new lands of Equestria including the Dragons, Griffin's and Changeling Hives. Stay tuned for exclusive content in the months to come involving these. Film Storyline- After a series of unexplained earth quakes Twilight Sparkle is put to her final test as the Elements of Harmony are destroyed by a long forgotten foe. With the aid of a lost princesses journal, Twilight and her friends will journey to other races and into Equestria's past, to restore the elements and save harmony once again, if they can. Some of the Music behind the film- We are in search for additional staff if you'd like some information about what we are looking for please visit this thread right here on MLP forums: Thank you bronys for helping make this film a reality.
  3. SCS

    Happy birthday, Cast :D

  4. Cutiness, Spice, and rainbows delight, these were the ingrediant s choosen to make the perfect little pony, but Celestia accidently added an extra ingredient to the mixture, chemical X (explosion) Thus! The elements were born, dedicating their lives to fighting crime and the forces….of EVIL….DA DA DA DA….. Da dada dadadada……..da………..

  5. wow really? thank you so much , I dont normally draw the princesses, those legs o-O, but very happy they seemed to have turned out good lol
  6. Been drawing a lot at work and just all around hope im atleast getting better lol, These are just a few little drawings most done on break, so about 15min or so each, some drawn from stuff I've seen, some original drawings. First real time drawing princesses I normally stick to normal style ponys, they look ok? Sorry for the bad lighting and all my scanner is broken so had to use my camera V_V
  7. Prolog Screenplay up and ready to be read and discussed please take a look and let me know what ya think and if anything needs changing ^_^

  8. As you can see the forums have been completely redone, and reorganized, each department has there own forum area with sub forums within them please make use of them, our joining of MLPforums and Writers in Harmony is offical and we will be migrating our forum into theirs as soon as posable, with this we will be going public in a matter of weeks, lets get out game faces on and start bringing our dream to the fans

  9. The role of Sire Dusk the Alicorn King is up for grabs and Wacarb and Tassy both want the role they have their voice overs submitted so im putting it up to a team vote click here, listen and lets pick our king

  10. Back story of the Alicorn's, the crystal heart and Sonic please read this if your on the writing team or would like to understand the story better

  11. Animation rigs finally coming out, Java is pretty much done, Lightning in well on the way as is Leon, Trixie and most of the main cast, screen writing will begin this week and the plot map for the film will be up i hope in 2 days, the drive to bring this to life has begun and will need everyone to see this through, assignments and deadlines will be going up in a day after a short meeting with the director staff thanks every pony

  12. over 70% of the film story is mapped out and we are almost ready to start the screenplay process, the entire film took less then a week to restructure, and its better then ever thank you all this is flying now at the speed it needs to, lets hold true to our course and gear for the building and release of issue one of the comic that will run into and through the film

  13. ok ponys we have gone live, time to get down to the business and bring this to life

  14. Our new VA and cast as the voice of Rainbow Dash all give a warm welcome to PKEmi (also voicing Rainbow Dash for Doulbe Rainboom) Great to have you aboard and cant wait to build some magic with your help