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    1. Animation: i want to animate really badly and i really love animation in general i hope i can do my own animation project and i hope i be the very best

    2. Digital Art: i love Digital Art i am kinda good at it and i really want to do Digital art a whole lot

    3. Nintendo, Sega and GTA V: i love Nintendo games my most favorite Nintendo game is super smash bros. my favorite Sega Game is Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 and of course i love GTA v for the PC.

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  1. Hello my name is Novaink and i am looking for some help with my fan fiction Fallout Equestria: Decoded i am looking for editors and proof readers if you can help out add me and i have a few chapters i am working on so help out and that would be great. Skype: Darcybelle3 Chapter 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yU81JIJt0yYeH6JOHK0krTQoCzOxVLVN3Koes3ngNwE/edit Chapter 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VnbCspNzIwhFz_3cjrp_GhiX4MU1aqtLd_IDXiInvKQ/edit
  2. What is the difference to fallout equestrian technology and equestrian real one did they have some sort of ponyfied internet did they have video games did they even have computers i know in foe there are terminals but did the terminals have internet and other sorts have technology.
  3. great we always need new voice actors this help session is still open so if you want to join you can still join
  4. good i am always looking for people who can edit stuff right now i am going to need writers to get this script done and editors
  5. Answer 1: I will formally ask permisson from Nintendo and Hasbro to use their IPs for this Project. Answer 2: Yes I will use Original Characters, however I would still like to use the trademarked characters from Nintendo and Hasbro.
  6. ---------The Heroes Of Harmony Project--------- MLP & SSB Crossover With Original Characters Introduction: Hello my name is Nova Ink, and I am a Beginner Animator and Director of Nova Animation Studios. I'm a very ambitious guy. I've been studying and analyzing animation for 2 years. I don't have a lot of knowledge on animation, but i know i can get this done in 2 or 4 years depending on the work and the time we have. I'm planning to get started next year since a lot of Animators are busy i am trying to get better with my skills. The Project Itself: The Heroes Of Harmony Pr
  7. do you think you could heklp out and if you want to what is your skype?
  8. no i need a left man to help me with stuff as a director
  9. anyone else want to help out I need some voice actors, Animators and more writers
  10. well i am a very basic animator i have a lot of skill on Photoshop and some skills in adobe flash i am looking for a co director, animators, writers and artist can anyone help me with writing or co directing?
  11. I Am Working on a MLP And Super Smash Bros Crossover Animated Movie and i need help to get out of under production i have 21 people helping me so far but i need more people i need a co director who could help me with plans and organisation i need animators, writers, artist and voice actors/actress to help me with this i kinda know how to animate still learning on it but i do know how to use flash in a basic way i need help with my story so far in my project and i need you guys help if you can help me that would be great add me at Skype by (darcybelle3) And thank you for the support : >
  12. I am Looking for writers to help me with a story about mlp and ssb i need help with my story and need someone to write for me i need a lot of help can i please have some help i can add you on Skype you can give me your Skype address or i can give you my Skype it is darcybelle3
  13. Hello Every pony. I thought i can bring something up for my project that is in progress. it Might take while to do this but i want to get this up and running so far i have 20 Bronies that are helping me with this and i just want more help to get this project running. Five Nights at Blu's: Crossover fan film This is a crossover film of Five nights at Freddys and MLP i got this idea from the Mike Schmidt comics at tumbler and i have to say it is very well done so i want to make my own version with a OC the reason why is i want to be more original and that is made by me
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