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  1. @Blitz Boom “They say that, or ‘no problem.’ Ponies still sometimes confuse me but a lot about how they talk and act with each other, I learned from watching them. And I’m sure Discord’s magic is still the same. He probably doesn’t use it the way you remember but if you asked him, maybe he can show you. Discord wouldn't be weaker because someone told him to change his ways. He knows he is strong. With his kind of magic, I don't think anyone will disagree." Suppose it is the same with anyone, changing for better or worse. They’re the same and yet they are different. Much as Sen would like to explain further, it might give Omen a headache trying to wrap her mind around the concept. Redemption or otherwise, this would be quite a topic to broach but it may be better to bring it up another time. Meanwhile, Lin observed what Shrimp did when presented with the box. At the moment, he seemed to have the right idea, putting one berry in and… look at her. It was a step in the right direction and maybe he needed some positive reinforcement. “You’ve got it, Shrimp,” Lin cheerfully said, picking up one berry and putting it in the box. “One at a time.” The longma picked up a few more berries and waited to see what Shrimp would do. Of course, this would likely end up with them taking turns putting one berry in the box after another. Not the most time consuming thing in the world but hopefully it might help the refraction learn about cleaning up and knowing it is alright to approach her, Sen, or Omen for help.
  2. @Blitz Boom “Omen! I wanted to show you this earlier.” Sen scooted close to the fire and held his leg cuff out towards Omen. A little too close to the flames that the object could be set ablaze but he was careful. As it was earlier, the gem changed color to reflect the flame burning behind it. The longma made sure to position himself in such a way that the gem would be between Omen and the fire where she could get a good view of the color change. It wasn’t spectacular on a large scale but it is impressive, especially since Sen only picked up on how the flames would have a distorted flicker whenever they came into view. A deep red-orange hue becoming an intense flame-like orange color was likely going to get little fillies interested in it for a few seconds but Sen liked it, and hoped Omen would too. “Well, it’s nothing big. Nothing like the kind of magic Discord could do. I imagine him doing something along the lines of the gem becoming fire itself when placed next to an actual fire. Oh, or the gem setting itself on fire when held.” “Thanks again, Omen. For bringing Rosa here and for the gift.” Meanwhile, Lin had a glimpse of the sight Sen had seen just now but turned her attention to Shrimp who was up to something with his food. Looked like he didn’t finish all of his berries. The longma paused for a moment and went to her saddle bag to retrieve a small, cloth-lined box before heading back to the refraction. “Shrimp?” She began as she crouched down next to her little friend, opening the lid and waiting to see what happens next. “You can keep your food here if you want.”
  3. @Blitz Boom "Isn't it? Makes me wonder how grandfather came across a star sapphire." Admittedly, this little display isn’t going to top changing the moon into cheese or something just as extravagant on that scale. Very little can upstage Discord’s powers and Lin would never see herself being able to challenge the draconequus on that front. The simplicity of the display and the sense of wonder and excitement it brings is enough, however, that it more than satisfies. Frankly, that was really all it was that Zo had in mind when he chose the gemstones. A reflection of what the longma were: simple but not lacking in things that still bring wonder. If only his fellows could actually see that… Lin put the gem down and started to head back, but noticed Omen was still standing where they were mere seconds earlier. Though she didn’t want to disturb her, it may be better to do her mental processing inside the cave. “Omen?” Lin said, gently tapping the Ki’Nathar twice on the back. “Let’s head back inside. I think Sen wanted to show you something earlier before you left to find Rosa. After that? Maybe we won’t disturb you for the evening. It looked like you were processing your thoughts.”
  4. @Blitz Boom “I doubt the moon will change. No magic for me to use and well… I don’t think it’ll be a good idea to turn the moon into cheese. Just something to see with our eyes.” Lin directed Omen to the mouth of the cave, the moonlight shining brightly on the clearing before them. It wasn’t often the alignment was right for a brighter evening; the longma preferred it to be darker and would rather have the light of a small fire providing the only source of illumination when she wanted her shelter to remain hidden. Despite this, the lighting was just perfect with the clouds out of the way in the meantime. Taking off her necklace holding it up high against the moon, she peered into the gem to see what would happen. “Wow! Here it is!” The longma brought the gemstone closer to Omen for her to see. “Dark at first, seemingly imperfect but when the moonlight shines through, you can see little pieces sparkling inside. They look like little stars in the gem!” Perhaps that was why it is called a star sapphire. The night sky captured within a gemstone, or what resembles the night, stars and all. Lin didn’t know the value of a gem like this when presented to an expert, but the longma know it is rare and that was already good enough for them. This was about it for the spectacle, and she would remain by the cave entrance to enjoy glancing at the sight.
  5. @Blitz Boom “I guess today’s interrogation was a lot more draining than it seemed. Rest now, Rosa.” Whatever Rosa had been through today, he would definitely need more than the recommended eight hours of sleep. Sen wouldn't be surprised if he slept half the day. The Canterlot guards wouldn't have to worry about him going missing as he would be in the outskirts of Canterlot awaiting the grand hearing. The longma had some concerns that this wouldn't have a happy ending if someone tried to steer it one way but there was nothing more they could do but see how it turned out. Lin walked over to the far end of the cave and pulled out a blanket she had kept hidden, a memento from her first week outside of Canterlot. Out of the many places she stayed, this cave was the one she spent the most time in, a good few months of searching and learning. This was one of the first few things she found as she wandered the city and used it many times when the nights went cold, especially during the winter. She slumped a deep red satin blanket over the bat pony, soft to the touch though it has seen better days since she last picked it up. There were some holes over it though none that couldn’t be fix with a quick patchwork. Sen looked on as he watched Shrimp eat his meal in front of him. An odd thing he never knew his sister had, especially since they could’ve put it to use from the night before. “I didn’t know you had one of those. Where did you get it?” “You didn’t ask if we had blankets. That's the only one I got; found it in a box in some back alley, discarded and in serious need of repair. I had to scrounge up the materials to get the holes sealed but I didn’t have enough.” That answer would have to suffice for the meantime. There wasn’t much to do now that the day is winding down and as Sen chomped down on his meal, Lin turned her attention to the necklace Omen gifted her with, the star sapphire glistening in the faint light. She walked over to Omen as she finished the last bits of food she had left to eat, excited to learn what the secret the jewel held. “Omen? You want to have a look at what grandfather Zo said about the star sapphire? The moon’s visible enough for us to see what’s special about the gem!”
  6. @Blitz Boom “Maybe it’s better if I don’t ask anymore about what happened. You’ve had a long day and you’ll need rest. If it helps, we’ll show up at the grand hearing, even vouch for you if it comes to that.” Whatever it is with the protocols on interrogating criminals, having some form of tracker on them wasn’t exactly something Sen and Lin knew about. The former had experience dealing with law enforcement - the city guard to be exact - and he never had anything strapped on to him just before being let go. To see Rosa drained like he is right now, it must have been quite an ordeal. Might be that to the interrogators, he is a criminal like any other and they reminded him of that every chance they got? Sen was tempted to cite his own experience with them, but now might not be a good time. Or it just isn’t relevant at all and not worth sharing. There weren’t any intimidating military types in his case but from what Sen just learned now, he’d be dreading the possibility of meeting this General Screecher. The longma sat with the bat pony and ate his meal with him, taking a bite out of his assortment of vegetables and fruits. “We spoke with Amethyst about what to do with the beast heart we got from Filigree. Had to stop by the quarry and get a chunk of diamond from the forepony Gem Stud. After that, Shrimp started purifying the gem before we could use it.” “We don’t know how long we’d have to wait until we can start going after Filigree again,” Lin added, joining the rest of the group and eating her dinner with them. “So we used what time we had to figure out how to dispose of the beast heart, or at least keep anypony else from finding it again. Omen’s got a place in mind. Noxious gas and pools of… something terrible to senses will stop explorers from thinking of ever going there. That will be one less thing to worry about.” Of course Lin wouldn’t forget about Shrimp. After he let go of Omen, she’d leave a small pile of berries lying just where everyone else is and try to get the little creature to dine with them. There weren’t any cats around but the food should be ample enough distraction for the refraction to remember that it is just them now, no cats to spook him again.
  7. @Blitz Boom “Aaaand she’s gone… One look away and it’s like she wasn’t even here.” “You think all that talk about Rosa got her to look for him?” “I should remind myself to stop thinking out loud.” The longma siblings quietly continued setting up the camp and milling about, grabbing some food and water canisters, getting everything ready for Omen’s return, pulling out the bedrolls for their evening naps. A shame Omen didn’t get to see the gem’s properties before leaving; she might have enjoyed it. No big loss there though, there is time to spare. Eventually, a gate opened and out of it came Omen and Rosa, the latter coughing up from the smoke and fumes. Where Omen decided to stop by was a mystery but it seems her lack of pain reception and talk of fire got her to grab a fiery snack from… somewhere. As for Rosa, he didn't look well as far as what Sen could tell. Tired from a day's worth of interrogation would be his guess but could someone get tired from being asked a lot of questions? Perhaps but Sen, and Lin by extension, wouldn't know a thing about that. And they wouldn't be looking forward to an experience like that. Unfortunately, they aren't ruling out the possibility of the Canterlot guard coming after them for questioning. They've got nothing to hide but that doesn't mean they're out of the woods so to speak. “Rosa? Omen? Everything alright?” Sen asked, grabbing some water and quickly running up to both the bat pony and the Ki’Nathar to offer some. Though the sight and scent of the burning coal was hard to ignore, the longma didn’t bring attention to it. There was a more pressing matter to attend to. “How did it go with Stargazer, if you don’t mind me asking?” At the same time, Lin prepared a bedroll and brought it closer to the fire, directing everyone to sit by and rest. She laid out some food as well should Rosa be hungry though her attention was also drawn to Shrimp hanging on Omen's underside. As she learned earlier, she tried to see if she could get the little creature to loosen his grip by grabbing his attention with some food, a juicy blackberry this time.
  8. @Blitz Boom “Stargazer can be a reasonable sort. I’m sure Rosa would be someplace safe, even if the Canterlot guards would have to watch him. Either that or they’d let him leave and he’d find some place else to stay, maybe find his way back here. We’ll be waiting for him if that is the case.” Lin returned with some wood she stashed away for the fire, digging up the pit she’d use for the bonfire and laying out some of the items she brought from the village. Bedrolls from their home, a few packs of food, a few canisters of water…. Just some of the essentials she thought about bringing along for a few days. That and she needed to rotate bedrolls already kept in this cave. Perhaps in due time, she should start moving them back to the village so they can get washed. Sen, in the meantime, got the fire started and took off the cuff to observe what it would look like with the fire in the back. If this is what he thought it was, then something special would happen. Indeed, it didn’t take long for the visual effect to come into view, the reddish hue shifted into orange as the jewel slowly matched the color of fire so much so that the two were indistinguishable. “Ha! There it is!” Sen exclaimed, excitedly bringing the jewel to Omen and showing her exactly what he sees. “The special property of a fire ruby, held to the light of a fire and the jewel’s color will match that of the fire itself.” “You know with nightfall approaching, I’m wondering what mine will look like. Once we’re done, how about we pass the time like we do back home? Telling stories around the campfire. You probably have some things to process after today, Omen, and I think we can skip a lesson tonight.” Frankly, Lin still wasn’t sure how long Omen needed to process new information, let alone know what her threshold is before complete overload. For now, she was content to avoid a situation like the last time considering her visit to Amethyst’s shop, the Canterlot prison, and the longma village. If they didn’t have a lead on the diamond dog gang, there will be plenty of time to pick up where they left off.
  9. @Blitz Boom “No, I don’t think that’s pain. It’s more like discomfort, comes sharp and fast but it either fades or stays. That pressure though, I suppose that is normal, hitting something would be like having one thing pushing against another.” “Discord made sure you wouldn’t feel pain when he formed you. It would be much worse if you felt the crash. Then we surely had to take you back to Arenaria so she could give you something to dull the pain. Her remedies work wonders but they sometimes taste bad.” Sen approached with Shrimp riding on him, enjoying the little creature’s antics and amusing behavior. He tried to stifle a giggle as Shrimp climbed over him and towards Lin, who now discovered that she is just as ticklish as her brother. She wasn’t one to keep that to herself as she let out an audible giggle before seeing the refraction copy them. Eventually, the two came to the conclusion that there wasn’t anything of note with Omen after the crash. She appeared perfectly fine and unscathed, as if no accident took place. Whatever Discord did, it got Lin tempted to try asking the lord of chaos if he could do something like that for her but decided against it after more thinking. She may be confident enough to see him as a friend but wouldn’t want to take advantage of it. As it is, the day was coming to an end with the sun just about ready to set over the horizon. The light shining behind the gilded ivory towers of Canterlot’s castle cast a shadow over the mouth of the cave, a reminder of how much time has passed. “Looks like it’s my turn to get the camp set up. Wonder if Rosa’s interrogation is done; it’s taking an awfully long time….”
  10. @Blitz Boom Omen’s attempt at a ball trick wasn’t the most graceful, but it was an attempt. Sen and Lin were pretty much encouraging her to try something and well… they got something. Of course, the landing was the roughest part of the act and both siblings immediately rushed over to help. Sen propped up the Ki’Nathar while Lin took a close look and examined Omen’s face to see if there were any cuts or bruises. Unfortunately, their lack of knowledge on anatomy and physiology showed its ugly head and for the life of them couldn’t say if Omen sustained anything serious. “Are you alright?” Sen asked, the sound of concern and worry grew as he looked for visible scrapes or bumps. “That crash looked like it hurt a lot.” “She could stand still in a fire and not feel anything but I don’t know if Discord made it so she wouldn’t feel any kind of pain, regardless of what is causing it.” “Goes to show how much we don’t know about you, Omen. We appreciate you giving your trick a shot but maybe we should play lightly for a while. Or rest. Whichever you prefer.” After about a few minutes of examining, the two decided to set Omen down on the ground and continue from there. Or rather, Lin did. Sen noticed Shrimp pushing the ball over to him, having missed a bit of his cute display but nonetheless saw parts of it, he was amused all in all. Approaching the little creature, he crouched down close and brought the ball back with him. “Look at you, little Shrimp! Small in size but big on attitude. Don’t worry, you’ll grow up big and strong! Let’s go see if Omen is alright.” Having a lot happen in such a short time, the siblings likely forgot the gates were still open. Along with that, a lot of pairs of eyes watching them. There isn’t much of a spectacle happening now that they dropped the theatrics but the unformed ones would have something to observe in the meantime.
  11. @Blitz Boom The excitement, the sounds coming from the audience… it was invigorating. Sen and Lin didn’t quite know what this feeling was, happy and energized, ready to give more to their performance. This is a first for them both, especially since they never performed for a crowd larger than their parents and maybe their grandparents. The unformed children in Mother’s realm were different but they seemed to enjoy the performance so far and perhaps that was enough. “Still remember that old trick? The one you spent weeks trying to master?” Sen asked, picking up the ball and tossing it towards Lin. "I know the one. Hope I still got it.” Lin threw the ball high and got down to the ground, anticipating its arrival. She appeared to raise her hind legs and stretch out her wings to balance herself. Once the ball dropped, she caught it with one of her feet and kicked it up, catching it, passing it off to the other foot and doing it again. Soon enough she was juggling the ball with just her hind legs. After about fifteen more cycles, the ball rolled down the arch on Lin’s back and returned to Omen and Shrimp. Perhaps they might have a thing or two to show to the unformed ones. “That went better than expected. Your turn, Omen!”
  12. @Blitz Boom Sen caught the ball on his back and let it roll along the length of it down to his tail before sending the ball back over to Lin and Shrimp. It was at this point that he picked up on the gates and the eyes peering from the other side. Unnerved at first, he then remembered where those went and who those eyes belonged to. Lin noticed this after the fact, pausing their little game to see what was going on. “Looks like we got ourselves an audience.” “Wouldn’t want to disappoint them,” Sen stroked his chin as he observed them for a minute. “How about we give them a show?” Lin nodded in silence, tossing the ball back to Sen who ran it along the edge of his wings. From one tip to the other, the wicker ball balanced along the thin ridge then down along one side of his body to the other wherever he would want it to go. Once he was done, he tossed it to a nearby gate and the ball reappeared behind Lin, who promptly threw it to the wall and bouncing it back at her and balancing it on her snout. She would blow some air at the ball to get it to rise a little bit before letting it come down for her to repeat. “Coming at you, Omen!” The longma rolled the ball over to the Ki’Nathar. After seeing how Omen fared with the ball’s randomized entries and exits, she’d play it safe for now and build up her friend’s confidence and coordination.
  13. @Blitz Boom Right on cue, Sen lightly tossed the ball towards Omen, enough for her to get some time to open a gate that would send the ball… wherever. Now it was just about time for both Sen and Lin to wait and see where it will go. Eventually, the ball rolled out closest to Shrimp and the longma siblings loosened their stance to watch what the little creature would do next. Of course, with Shrimp curiously playing with the object, they would have a brief moment of respite to watch until the refraction rolled the ball over to Lin’s leg. With a cute string of sounds coming from the creature, Lin fawned over him, crouching down and stroking him on the head. “Aww… you said my name! Pretty soon you’ll be speaking better! I’ll make sure of it.” Lin then tossed the ball behind her without looking, expecting it to land in one of Omen’s gates or for Sen to catch it. It was the latter that happened, though Sen didn’t hesitate to bounce the ball on his head twice before attempting to balance it on his muzzle. This didn’t last long as the moment he lost his balance, he immediately launched the wicker ball through one of the gates closer to Omen. He’d anticipate where it will appear next and Lin would ready herself as well. “Omen, Shrimp, get ready! The ball could come from anywhere!”
  14. @Blitz Boom No one ever got the hang of anything on their first attempt and that was no different for both Sen and Lin; seeing Omen try bouncing the ball on her head then a misaimed bounce towards Lin got her immediately opening a gate at the apex of the arc and exiting out of a gate closer to Sen, who let the ball run along his back and around his tail before whipping it up and catching it. “How about we try passing the ball around first? Pass to me or Lin and we’ll send it back your way. We could even get Shrimp to join! Roll the ball to him and he’ll roll it to whoever he wants.” “If you’re feeling confident, Omen, you can try mixing things up! Open a gate and send the ball through, keep us guessing where the ball will come out. You might not be able to get the ball bouncing straight on your head but we’ll make sure you’ll get your chance to try!” Both siblings were really enthusiastic about playing this childhood game with Omen and Shrimp, encouraging both of them to try it out, twists and all. This was as close as the two could get to winging their practice as much as possible. There wasn’t a single method for both Sen and Lin to perfect bouncing the ball with different body parts or playing the game perfectly. They simply went along with whatever happened and adapted. Omen might need a few rounds to get but there’s time and they’re patient, what with waiting for Rosa’s interrogation to finish and all. With their little pause in the game out of the way, Sen tossed the ball back at Omen and anticipated what she will do next. Even if they don't do much besides having a bit of fun, hopefully they could make Omen happy by just passing the time this way.
  15. @Blitz Boom The siblings grew quiet quickly, wondering how the conversation took a sharp turn from being lighthearted to burning things with wicker. Some creatures actually had rituals that included hunting others and… doing something that got the unlucky victims screaming? Might be that it had something to do with some willing, king-like fool who came to that Harrowmark place. One can only hope bees weren't involved. “That’s horrible! What kind of… No! I don’t want to know who does those things or why they do it.” “Ugh, that’s… Let’s not talk about that anymore.” Sen added, not even noticing the gate appearing overhead or the wicker ball bounding off the top of his head. “This ball is something Lin and I played with when we were young. We’d try to see how many times we could bounce it without letting it touch the ground. Here, we’ll show you.” The longma picked up the ball and tossed it up into the air, letting it bounce once on his head, another along his back, and a third on his claw before passing it along to Lin. She caught it with her left claw and bounced it along her back, then on her head before the ball got caught in one of her horn stumps. As far as both of them were concerned, that usually meant the end of the game and they would go at it again. Sometimes they’d volley the ball back and forth with each other, which they did. Lin didn’t give any warning and tossed the ball at Sen, who only noticed it at the last second and hit it right back. Before they knew it, the two were running around and laughing along. It seems like even in this brief moment, they relived a childhood memory long thought lost, a moment of respite that got them to remember simpler times when they didn’t have so much to worry about. Eventually, the back and forth passes lost momentum and the ball would land right by Shrimp and Omen’s feet. The longma siblings gave each other high fives, realizing they still got it years after they’ve last played that game. “Just like that. Want to give it a go? Might need a few tries to get it right but you can get the hang of it in time.”