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  1. @Blitz Boom The siblings reacted with a look of disgust on their faces. Assaulting another’s mind, or utilizing magic in a similar vein is one line they wouldn’t dare cross. Having already known the effects of a similar thing first-hoof, that was just abhorrent no matter who was on the receiving end. Unfortunately, the Hyracotherians would know of such information. “We… know of some methods…,” the scholars responded, resigned to the possibility that Rosa could chew them out for that. Despite being a vessel of knowledge that could be used to help, it there bits of information in there that wouldn’t sit well with anyone, especially those with standards. “Either replicating known techniques or utilizing our own, we have that knowledge. Some of it was of our invention. One was notably used for espionage but we dare not use it again.” “Couldn’t we just try to convince Zhu to explain without being reprehensible about it? Or are seers really that secretive about their prophecies?” As far as Sen and Lin know, none of the suspects they know of were whom the warning mentioned. King Sombra might sound like a good fit if the prophecy was being vague about who the recipients were. It was as good as a lead gone cold.
  2. @Blitz Boom The siblings looked to each other, concerned and worried that they might have encountered someone who fit the descriptions provided by the warning. Frankly, they had unfortunate meetings with beings who caused them so much grief and misfortune. The thought they could be facing them again, reopening terrible wounds they thought were closed for good, didn’t sit well with them. Sadly, they would need to reveal these if they had a chance at fighting back should it come to it. At the very least, if they didn’t fit the criteria, then it would be no problem anymore. “We’ve… met a some beings who could fit the descriptions in the warning,” Lin started though even with her confidence that the matter is supposedly behind her, she still finds it difficult to bring up the subject again. “There was a time when I studied a tome of dark magic, learned what it had to offer. All that started when I sought a being called Malvernis, who agreed to teach me what he knew and more from the tome in exchange for his release. I don’t know what he is beyond being ancient and bound to some dark mountaintop where no life can grow. Remember the mountain where we left that statue before delivering it to Scarcity? That was where I found him. Thing is, he was kept in a prison of stone, not flesh. Malvernis is attributed to darkness but only in the loosest sense. His name is synonymous to decay and he is now captured and hidden in a place no one will ever find again.” “The other was a being constructed from magic named Legion. That business with the orb, the magic that consumed them, Legion used it to start a new order beginning with the longma village we’re from. He took on the appearance of our former elder, placed the whole village under his control so no one will oppose him. Sadly, that included me and Lin. Back before venturing in the swamp, we mentioned we were susceptible to mental manipulation. It started from Legion. He’s currently experiencing an eternity of torture from some creature we couldn’t comprehend but after everything we’ve been through, there was always a feeling he could come back. He is formed from magic and while he can’t be destroyed, he could take on another form. Or some part of him still lingers and we don’t know. Maybe that whole ‘prisoner-chained-in-flesh’ thing is just him hiding in someone we don’t suspect. I hope it isn’t because I never want to live through that again.” Sen spoke his piece but through it all, he couldn’t look anyone in the eye. Recounting that experience wasn’t easy and having to explain the latter part gave him the feeling that he and Lin are still compromised despite having been given the equivalent of a magical check-up. The scholars said no trace of Legion’s magic lingers in them yet the nature of magic, its properties, leaves just enough room for them to worry that they haven’t seen the last of the vile creature. “It doesn’t fill in the first part of the warning, darkness coming in three waves. If it is pertaining to Legion, it wouldn’t make sense as he was active only once. And we made sure Malvernis wouldn’t ever escape.” “What about King Sombra?” The scholars spoke up, having remained silent all throughout, likely looking over their own library of information. “Some accounts say the unicorn tyrant of the Crystal Empire isn’t truly a pony but a creature bound to the form of one.”
  3. @Blitz Boom The scholars in the orb paused for a moment, having to be painfully reminded about their own involvement in their species’ destruction. Even Sen and Lin grew uncomfortable and oddly silent after what Rosa mentioned; all of them knew what the thestral meant and that brought back shared memories of that day in the village. The only difference here was that Rosa’s examples had some aspect of good in it, a saving grace for the necromancer, curse lifter, and the unicorn. The Hyracotherian scholars didn’t and they very well know it. Each of them were internally debating the prospect of discussing their shared past, the one event that brought them together, but even that would put a damper on the positivity happening at the moment. Though they didn’t need to look at each other, they all decided to avoid that topic altogether. No need to bring up a sordid past when there is more important matters to attend to at the moment. Good thing Shrimp was there to break up the tense situation. Lin calmly walked up to the Refraction, taking the box of berries along, and showed her little friend some of it. “I’ll take care of this. Are you hungry, Shrimp? I’ve got some berries here!” “Translation is finished though we fear the interpretation in the common tongue isn’t complete or wholly accurate. The original language is lost to the ages; even if we have samples of it, the rest needed cross-referencing to other ancient languages because of similar words and syntax. Darkness comes in waves of three. Two have occurred, the third will come in the shadows of what had been. Beware the prisoner chained in flesh for you have not felt the last of him.” “Sounds like a prophecy, and oddly speaks directly to whoever is reading it. A vague warning but it might not even be an accurate translation. Rosa, if it was written in Zhu's note to you, could this warning be intended for you... or us if Zhu foresaw us finding this note? And do you know what any of this means?"
  4. @Blitz Boom “No, they were once part of a race called the Hyracotherians. An ancient race of pony-like creatures who went extinct long ago. If I remember correctly, they said they were capable of wielding magic and about as large as a modern day dog, probably the big ones you’d normally associate with guard dogs.” “They assumed that form shortly before their race’s extinction, brought about by their own kind.” Sen somberly added, picking up where Lin left off as to not disturb the translation going on. “Unchecked and reckless use of dark magic. That’s what led to their slow and prolonged downfall. They chose to do this to warn others about the dangers of using magic recklessly, hoping others will learn from their own mistake and avoiding another disaster like theirs. As for the orb being a vessel for information, the spirits in the orb are scholars. Over time, they’ve collected information going back thousands of years. I doubt it’s complete though.” The scholars heard that and despite remaining silent, they took offense to that comment. As much as they would want to brag about having a vast expanse of knowledge to tap into and share, even they had their limitations. They could use magic to move the orb but it wouldn’t take them very far. The rest of their mobility was reliant on luck, coming across reputable individuals who wished to share their knowledge and preserve them for future generations. In turn, the scholars could share their own unfortunate past with others to spare them from living the same experiences they did leading up to their end. It was about as good a deal as they got. Even with hundreds of years of doing nothing, seeing the world move on and learning about how it is evolving was reason enough to keep on going. Though they didn’t speak of it openly, they do miss being among their own kind and long for a chance to be with them again. “We have made some progress,” the scholars said, notifying the rest of the group. “Allow us several minutes as we are nearing completion.”
  5. @Blitz Boom “Discord still cares in his own way. Meeting him was an experience; not the first creature to come to mind when I think of friends but he is a friend. Even Lin has taken a liking to him. He definitely has that chaotic sense of humor despite living a somewhat docile life with a pony named Fluttershy in Ponyville. Omen and Discord have history, long before any of us came into the picture.” Expectedly, Lin bashfully tried to hide a sheepish smile, though she likes the draconequus and thought their meeting went well. As per their meeting with the lord of chaos, Omen was free to go where she wished until Discord would need of her to deliver some messages. Or probably something along that line. Frankly, Sen was a little skeptical that the draconequus would need messages delivered if he could literally cut the travel time between to points to absolutely nothing. Still, it was pretty much an agreement and it would be honored despite the longma’s thoughts on the matter. Not helping was that time Omen left for an extended period of time only for them to learn she was in trouble. Then again, if she was, Omen’s resourcefulness likely would’ve kicked in and she’d send some sort of message. Regardless of the circumstances, they have some work to return to. With the orb in their midst, they have all they needed to begin. “This is a focal orb. It contains information going back thousands of years and the custodians of said information, beings belonging to a now extinct race.” “A vessel of magic should it be necessary, though we require a physical body to amplify the effects of some of our spells.” The unmistakable sound of many deep voices coming from the orb emanated throughout the cave, echoing and bouncing off the walls. There were definitely five different voices speaking in unison, seemingly intimidating though ultimately harmless as the longma siblings and Omen can attest. “We are aware of a need to translate some text. Shall we begin?” Lin produced the letter and with it, the scribbled section. The orb, hovered over to examine it, the glowing intensifying and fading in regular 2-second intervals. For the moment, it seemed like they are preoccupied with the matter and after what felt like ten minutes of silence, it appears they will need some time to themselves before they can produce results. At the moment, the rest of the group has some free time and with the possibility of questions about the orb being raised, the siblings are ready to answer to the best of their ability.
  6. @Blitz Boom It isn’t exactly the same thing, deciding to let someone go and live their lives away from the comfort of home versus choosing to potentially end one but perhaps the idea is similar. That is a big weight to carry either way and in some ways, Lin isn’t quite sure if having that responsibility on her shoulders is going to help her rest easier. But she asked Mother about her thoughts on the matter and she got her answer. All she could do is ponder on it. Perhaps circumstances might throw her a curveball and her agency on this choice would fall to someone else or the gravity of the choice will lessen. “I see. It’s something I’ll need to think over. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this,” Lin hugged the claw Mother reached out to her before letting go and opening a gate nearby. “Rest well, Mother. Until we meet again.” As for Sen, he was holding back the urge to say more, having stated the crux of his piece to Rosa. Though he had a lot more heartfelt words in mind, it would be saying the same thing. But what Rosa mentioned last, having to carry on with introducing the wider world to the elders, that was a very tall order. That feeling of dread, the grumbling in his gut that makes him feel small against the power wielded by the council of elders, was putting on a lot of pressure. Rosa’s confidence in the young longma would be the resolve he needed to continue and to see it through. “Your words… I’ll remember them. And now that you mentioned it, I’m definitely looking forward to hearing about these items and how showing them can convince the elders back home to consider opening up our boundaries.” Not long after this did a gate open by the cave entrance and Lin walking through it. Looking well rested but still seemingly doubtful, she approached Rosa and Sen, attempting to hide her own insecurities with a veneer of excitement. Even her walk had that confident strut, her mind set to finding success in their next endeavor. “I’ve got our translators here! Hey, uh, where’s Omen?” The longma revealed the golden orb, the same one Sen remembered from their previous adventure. An unlikely group whose knowledge helped them out more than they could expect, maybe they can extend their vast knowledge again. Wonder if Omen might remember them?
  7. @Blitz Boom “I certainly will. Before I leave, however, I just want to ask you something. How do you do it? Matters involving the lives of others? How can you be certain you’re making the right choice? I feel like I’m going to be in that position with our friends here in the orb.” It might not exactly be the same thing, Lin deciding the lives of the scholars trapped in the orb and seemingly unable to decide what to do, and with Mother deciding whether or not to send the unformed ones with masters who can look after them. The former, from Lin’s perspective, appears to be a choice to decide the lives of beings much older and probably wiser than her. If their magic is tied to the orb, then what becomes of the knowledge kept within? The one choice that lies with the matter definitely carries plenty of consequences whichever way she chooses. As for Sen, he had grown sullen over what Rosa mentioned but he understood why it had to be done. Lacking understanding of the way the legal system worked in Equestria compared to home, it was an eye-opener even if it isn’t what he expected. Still, this was one of those things that were pointless to go against and Rosa has made up his mind. Perhaps it is time the longma accepted that and honored the thestral’s choice. “There’s honor in that, accepting consequences and responsibility,” Sen replied calmly, no longer willing to fight the inevitable. “It’s… going to be different after tomorrow. In case I won’t have a chance to say it later: it is an honor to go on this adventure with you. I’m certainly going to miss that, even if we didn’t hit it off well on our first meeting. We’ll make the effort to visit you when time permits.” “And if we have the chance to speak tomorrow’s trial, Lin and I will make that count.”
  8. @Blitz Boom “I know…” Sen’s voice quickly turned somber, knowing well what the likely outcome of tomorrow’s trial will be. “I’m just not ready to accept it yet. You know I always hoped this would have a happy ending but I guess that just me being naive. Like you said, better to know the truth, and this is one of those bitter truths I have to swallow sooner or later. Might as well do so now.” It was on the back of his mind, wanting to see Rosa walk away with the legal equivalent of a slap on the hoof but the fact of the matter is that Rosa’s shady past is catching up, even faster now that he agreed to the trial. What’s one longma against a legal system like this? All the more reason no to try anything drastic and do what he can to lessen the severity of the punishment. It is what he and Lin offered to do and will still try their very best to do. “I have no idea how to come to terms with this though. I understand you want to make up for your past but how can you do that if you’re in prison?” As for Lin, she was just about in a similar situation, unable to answer on behalf on the spirits sealed away in the orb. This was their matter and the longma didn’t feel like it is her choice to make. She simply wanted to ask them to translate some text and then figure out what they wanted to do now as they appear to just be lying dormant in Mother’s realm. The orb started glowing once more in Lin’s claw, ever so slightly and steadily until the exterior began to show signs of change. At first, it was a mere gold light just like before but now the light emanated from what appeared to be engravings, becoming more apparent as the light grew brighter. And odd appearance but nothing suggested it could be important as those engravings looked more like linear ornamentation more than anything. Then the sound of multiple voices followed. “There is no home for us to return to as none of our kind remain. From what we remember, our species went extinct but if there are any survivors, they will likely be very different from us. There is also an issue about a lack of a physical body to use as ours have withered away long ago.” “I hope this means you won’t be hijacking mine or Sen’s bodies. Not after what happened last time!” “There are more of us than you; not enough bodies for us to use. Depending on what you require of us, we may need to borrow your senses should the need arise. We will travel with you but we wish to keep to ourselves to deliberate the matter of our future. Call on us should you require our assistance.” “I only wished to ask for your help translating some text but I guess I can accommodate you on the road. Maybe some time outside can help you come to a decision. Suppose that is about as good of a plan as I have at the moment, Mother.”
  9. @Blitz Boom “Rosa… he’s been through a lot and despite being a spy, he seems to want to change. I mean, willing accepting a trial and offering to teach the changeling king to forge strong, positive relations with ponies is telling. Though I suppose it’s all that time we’ve spent looking out for each other that gives me certainty his friendship is genuine.” “As for the seer, I don’t know. There’s so little we know of him that he might know something about the warning he sent to Rosa. He could see into many different futures but if he sent Rosa the letter, he knows we’d be involved in it in some manner. He’s possibly trying to nudge the future into a certain direction.” Lin picked up the orb and looked at it for a while, pondering if the knowledge kept within would lead them into more dangerous paths ahead. She shared Mother’s sentiment in that she wanted things to slow down, settling into the banality of gathering food and helping Omen acclimate to simple village life. Sadly, it wouldn’t be the case but befriending Rosa and helping him out has given her some form of distraction. She wouldn’t outwardly admit it but she doesn’t have a clue about what she’s going to do in the long term. Whether this adventure is truly a distraction or a period of soul-searching is only for Lin alone to find out. “I guess there's no way to know until we start digging into the warning he sent. Thank you for your time, Mother. I, uh, hope we can make this a regular routine. You know, meeting every now and again, letting you know what’s happening as of late.” As for Sen, his mind is set and his worries have eased a little. What Rosa told him was enough to get him to get his head straightened out and give him the resolve to face old friend. He still had his doubts about whether or not their friendship meant anything but at least he’d have an answer. “Guess now I have plenty to think about. I sometimes wonder if even I am partly responsible for my own worries. It’s alright though, I’ll sort them out on my own now that you’ve helped me make my choice clear. There is something else… Sen didn’t really know how else to put this, but he would hesitate for a moment and figure out how to word this next question. It is a rather silly thing, honestly, probably the furthest from being outright serious. Even he sounds quite sheepish when he continued. “I don’t want to get ahead of myself but if the trial ends favorably tomorrow, do you want to stop by the donut shop? I kind of developed a way of showing my gratitude by gifting donuts during my exile and I wanted to say thank you for all you've done.”
  10. @Blitz Boom “I don’t know, Rosa. I… I guess don’t know what I am going to hear and that scares me. What if he really didn’t care and only did it to get ahead? Or if it was the other way and he really had no other choice? I…” Sen’s breathing began to accelerate, his body shivering and shaking, almost going into a convulsion. Just the thought that he might have been harboring an irrational grudge this whole time didn’t sit well with him. If those times he saw his old friend and shot him an angry growl to scare him off wasn’t called for, could he be sabotaging all attempts at reconciliation because he was too caught up in what has been? The two were best friends once but there was no way they could start over, could they? Only after a minute or two did he calm down, claw gripping his chest, eyes watering. Evident that there was guilt on his part, realizing it and it was weighing him down, Sen continued: “The truth, that’s what matters. I don’t know if this is issue weighing my old friend down as much as me but at the very least, we both need closure from this, whatever form it takes. Thank you for your input. I suppose that put things into perspective.” Back at Mother’s realm, Lin listened intently, unsure what to make of it given how cryptic Mother’s language makes her situation prior to becoming who she is now, but the idea is there clear as day. It did raise some questions about how Mortimer chooses lost spirits and what makes them fit for their purpose in Mother’s realm. What was it like for them? And how would they integrate? If Mortimer knew of Lin and Sen’s closeness with Mother, would that make them candidates for the same process? So much to ask but now was not the time for it. “If you know in your heart that your choice is right and you can live with it, then you probably made the right choice. You know yourself better and your choice reflects who you are. I don’t know if that helped but ponies say this a lot and it seems to work with them." “As for your question, Sen, Omen, and I are helping out a friend, a bat pony named Rosa. We’ve recently received a letter with a warning on it but it’s in a language we don’t know. Hopefully our friends in the orb might recognize the language and translate it. How we met him is a long story but it all started when we first returned home. Only days after did we realize something happened to Omen…” The longma spent the next few moments recounting their adventure, the creatures they’ve met, the places they’ve been. She spared no detail and went up to the last few days holed up in a cave while waiting for the Rosa’s trial. She was especially fond of the friendships they’ve made with Amethyst and Rosa, and the way she spoke sounded like she was singing praises of how much their outlook on societies outside the longma have shaped their own. “It’s funny how all of this started because a pony bent on revenge,” the longma chuckled. “Hopefully we’re able to catch Filigree and bring her to justice. It should’ve been simply rescuing Omen but after what Filigree did, she made it personal.”
  11. @Blitz Boom The longma paused for a while, not expecting such a question from Rosa. Sen had his issues but through their adventures as of late, he hasn’t had the opportunities to think on them, much less acknowledge they existed. He was a little thankful their travels and the situation he is in was enough of a distraction to focus on. That, and wondering about what will come after the trial, was all he could set his mind to as those were the most relevant events he could think about. Then again… there are some things he couldn’t keep putting off forever. How would he arrange a meeting with Elder Ghilan that wouldn’t set off an inquiry or worse with the council of elders? Sneaking Rosa in and having a secret meeting would avoid the suspicion but the elders would know about it sometime down the line. A private meeting with the council? A security issue or a fiasco is sure to follow. This is a tough one but maybe Sen could try that whole diplomatic ambassador route and see how that goes. However, there was something else that came to mind… an old memory and an old wound, probably one that couldn’t be patched up. “You don’t have to apologize. You’re my friend and if you need help, I’ll provide it however I can.” “As much as I value friendship, I just can’t accept how an old friend threw that away.” Sen sighed, trying to blot out the image of an old acquaintance, the same face they came across on the journey home. “There’s this longma back home about my age. We grew up together, trained together, and I was always certain we’d always have each other’s backs. But on the day I was exiled, instead of defending me from false accusations of putting the village at risk, he sold me out to the elder. I know those accusations were fabricated because that wild animal attack was a very convincing illusion, I investigated it, but learning my friend was in on it…” “Is it worth confronting him about it? I’m not sure I’m ready to forgive or if I can ever forgive him for that.” Meanwhile, Lin listened to Mother, saw the orb, but couldn’t pick up the object just yet. She appreciated her creating a chair and the gentle stroke down her face. It’s just, seeing Mother like this, something was bothering her. The longma didn’t want to pry but she couldn’t leave with Mother feeling this way. “I’ll speak to them for sure, there is time for that. But whatever it is Mortimer told you, it is causing you distress, and I’m worried about you. I’m here to listen but if you don’t want to speak of it, I’ll keep you company for a while.” The chair was definitely comfy but Lin hopped off and huddled as close as she can to Mother. It looked similar to the image of Shrimp laying by Lin from earlier and the longma was reminded of how calm and soothing that feeling is. It is the least she can do to ease what Mother is going through.
  12. @Blitz Boom “Shame… I wouldn’t mind speaking with this Zhu. At the very least, we ought to know what’s up with this warning he sent through the letter. If we got some idea of what kind of language this is, it ought to make things a little easier for us. What good is a warning if we don’t know what we are being warned about to begin with?” “Ah, I supposed Omen is fine wherever she is. You’re right, and I trust she knows what she’s doing.” Rosa’s summation of Omen’s disappearance put the longma at ease. If it was like the case with Lin, she might have been off on her own looking for a translation guide to this strange language. Omen might have had something to attend to, probably nothing to be worried about. Maybe she might have gone to Mother’s realm? That would be quite the coincidence…. Still, her worldly knowledge would likely give her an idea about what can help the rest of them with the scribbled text. Meanwhile, Lin followed the formless, eagerly anticipating her meeting with Mother. After passing the cactus-shaped pillar and into the door to the sanctum, the longma would see a familiar face that always filled her with warmth and safety. “Mother! It’s so good to see you again!” Lin excitedly greeted though it would become apparent that her tone changed from happy to concerned after getting a closer look. “Are you alright, Mother? Is there something wrong? Anything I can help you with?”
  13. @Blitz Boom There seems to still be something for Rosa to work with when they meet with the elders back home but while that is all well and good, Sen was more distracted by the note and the new bits of knowledge he picked up just now. Frankly, it’s been a rollercoaster of events and there is more to come tomorrow. Something was telling him the trial will be the least of his worries because if that warning was saying anything, it could come at any time. He had to be ready. Here’s to hoping Lin could find that someone soon so they get the scribbled text translated. “So this Zhu, a seer with deft paws from what I gather. Being able to see every possible outcome from a situation sounds like a double-edged blade. You see everything that could be but someone has to steer the future to the favorable option. But, if he is writing to you about a warning, I guess that means you’ll factor into it somehow. He must have seen it in those futures and you’d probably be playing a big part in it. Could that be why he left that note there, and why he’s been following you in secret? I wonder if he saw the rest of us in it as well…. Huh? Hey, where’s Omen?” The gate that Lin opened took her to Mother’s realm. Hopefully she’d be able to find a familiar object still within the place but she couldn’t fault them for leaving if they wanted to. Unfortunately, that would very much complicate things if the warning added in Rosa’s letter was for something happening in the foreseeable future. Might as well make it a priority, right? “Hello, Mother! It’s Lin! I’m wondering if the golden orb from before is still here?” Though there is a time element Lin is working with to get the text translated, she just couldn’t see herself stopping by and leaving immediately. Maybe she could spend a little bit of time catching up with Mother and letting her know what’s been going on. There’s quite a bit to go through but this has been something she considered making a regular routine every now and again, keeping in touch with family and all.
  14. @Blitz Boom Seemed like now with Shrimp soundly sleeping, Lin could join the rest of the group in examining Rosa’s haul of items. The documents didn’t make much sense to the siblings as they didn’t really understand what they were for, or rather, lacking the context needed to know what necessitated those items. The weapons were probably more fascinating to Sen as those seemed to grab his attention more. The dagger, in particular, looked similar to those used by the hunters back home to repel dangerous beasts from approaching the village, especially after nightfall when the light of fires attracted nocturnal predators. “This is quite the collection, Rosa,” Sen said as he ogled at the silver-tipped arrow. “You’d leave the folks back at my village feeling jealous about these weapons.” But that wasn’t all. The suspicious note and Rosa’s reaction to it drew their attention away from the contents of the crate and the two listened intently as the thestral read the letter. Cryptic end with an equally ambiguous item stashed together. Only upon seeing the scribbles did the two look hard and attempted to piece something out of it. Lin wasn’t quite sure what to make of the text. Drawing her own scribbles and making gestures out of her digits in the air, something was surely off about it. And confusing to add. “Hmm, I’m not familiar with this language.” “You think maybe we can find someone with more knowledge on ancient or obscure languages?” Something clicked in Lin’s mind, having lit an imaginary bulb above her head. “You’re on to something. I can’t read this but I know who might. Be right back!” Sen paused for a moment as Lin opened a gate and left without another word. It didn’t really amount to much but something in their past was coming back. Or rather, a group of someones. The former turned to Rosa and looked at him with confusion about the rest of the letter’s content. No doubt a thing or two piqued is interest. “Rosa, what is with the amulet? And what did you meant when you mentioned having to exclude some examples?”