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  1. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom "Heh heh, you might be on to something there, Omen!" Sen chuckled upon hearing Omen's suggestion, much to his current emotional state already making him glum. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves but I like the way you think! We'll hold off on deciding anything until after the trial tomorrow. We should at least see how things will pan out for Rosa and Stargazer once the matter with Filigree is settled. Maybe even ask Fluttershy to speak to Princess Twilight about it." Sometimes, it really astounds Lin how a simple approach to understanding seemingly difficult and convoluted topics really changes the way one looks at problems. Omen's simplistic views may make it seem like she'll get stuck trying to wrap around confusing things but the simplest way of seeing them may be the better way. It was quite flattering for her to hear how the Longma's rules on handling criminal activity were more understandable to Omen but that isn't saying much when exile, when misused, still doesn't bring closure to their already conflicted family history. For now, seeing Sen's spirits uplifted was enough to get her to smile along. Discord may have laid the foundation for Omen's early growth and understanding but it is undeniable that he did a few things right. Lin had initially intended to ask Omen a followup question that neatly summed up the discussion on laws and what the right thing to do would be, but she held off. It was enough for her to already grasp some tangible understanding on the matter without shutting down in confusion. "Being exiled unjustly is what made Sen angry. We both understood the reason behind exile, why some would be sentenced to it, but he wasn't happy about being exiled for a very flimsy reason. We all know things worked out in the end, so let's try to put the past behind us and look forward to a better future. Besides, if we weren't exiled, we wouldn't have met you. That's one good thing we wouldn't forget." Sen nodded and smiled wide, almost grinning. Their paths intersecting the way it did, both Sen and Lin didn't expect that to ever happen but they were grateful it did. Lin extended several rocks towards Omen and placed them at her hooves. "I haven't forgotten you asking about eating rocks. I admit it is strange but if you like it, who am I to judge? You enjoy what you like!"
  2. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom "I'll take care of the fire," Sen interrupted, grabbing some of the stones and flint nearby and striking them until a spark lit the loose pieces of wood. It was about as standard as it got, minus the time-consuming nature of traditionally starting a fire with more flammable materials. After about ten or so attempts with no luck, a small fire came about. All that was left was to feed it some fuel and they should be good for the evening. When Omen asked about their ways, both Sen and Lin didn't quite know how to answer. Maybe a faint idea on what they should say but they were uncertain if those were the right way to go about it. They know about how things are done back home but the antiquated methods of the longma are foreign to the Equestrian justice system. What little Lin knew of it was mostly picked up from listening to other talk about it. And that is before getting into the possibility about someone digging up her past, even if it is about as minor as trespassing. "I'm not sure if it is as simple as you put it, Omen. Discord is free, yes, but the courts didn't give him that freedom. From what I learned, Fluttershy and her friends gave him that opportunity. I figure Princess Twilight and Princess Celestia might have been lenient on him. We don't have the luxury of calling on a princess to offer the same thing to Rosa." "The Longma see things differently when it comes to delivering justice. The village council meets and discusses the crimes of the accused, then gathers the village to give their verdict. Most are sentenced to serve the village as a laborer, often to the individual or group that was wronged. It is meant to serve as an example to others about the consequences of our actions and to make things up to those who are affected. Sen just finished setting up the camp fire at this point and joined in on the conversation. He sat next to Omen and began passing around the food Lin brought from home, mostly a mixture of dried fruits and vegetables. "The worst offenders are exiled and struck out of the village's records. They lose their property, their home, even their name. To them, the exiled is just another wild animal who should be wary about ever coming back, lest the hunters relentlessly pursue them. Anyone would be a fool to try their luck against the village's trained protectors." There was a tone of bitterness oozing from the way Sen said his piece. He didn't look at Omen at that time, only at the embers sputtering out of the fire. Lin knew this much as well, knows the weight this had on their conscience. Their first visit back after so many years on the road, the scornful looks they received as they were tidying up their family home... it all made sense. No one ever had their status of exile reversed because all who were condemned to that fate deserved it. No one was quite sure how to handle such radical changes. "It's all about how anyone understands this, Omen. We're not saying either side is right or wrong. The longma's and ponies' methods are just different."
  3. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom "I suppose... if this King Thorax has connections outside of the Changelings' home, that might give them some considerations. Maybe he can vouch on your behalf, even get you a shorter sentence. What you're doing to make up for your past has to count for something, right? I don't think we'd know how it will go until it happens. But what you need now is rest; I won't bother you any further. Sleep well, Rosa." Sen had been fixated on the conversation that he didn't notice Omen and Shrimp helping out around camp. Even the little things they did made smile; perhaps there is more knowledge he can impart if something like basic survival skills could stick. Lin was grateful for the help as well, feeling the workload lighten with their contributions. She proceeded to open a gate, and after a few minutes, return with a small assortment of food. Setting them down nearby, she'd pick up a few more sticks and stones gathered around the fire pit and sat by, laying out some flint to get the fire going. "Thanks for the help, Omen. You too, Shrimp. This camp is just about ready. Want to light the fire?" "Oh, and Sen? I left a message for Elder Ghilan back at his home. He's probably worried sick about us being gone for several days. I let him know we are fine and we'd likely be gone for a few more days, just enough to finish our business here." The longma nodded as he joined the others, eagerly awaiting what comes next. Despite this, his talk with Rosa has him uneasy. It just wasn't something to dismiss, about what will happen to their friend once the trial is over. Stargazer was intent to bring Rosa in but their conversation likely left a lot of confusion and doubt when it should have brought certainty. Even Lin has some doubts about a happy ending just from eavesdropping what bits of conversation she heard. "I'm worried about Rosa." "He made peace with the possibility of being locked up. If that is what will happen, we have to respect that, especially since we can't fight the law. We don't have the influence to do something as big as that. We're worth nothing to them; nothing we say will convince the court take it easy on our friend." "I know, but he wants to make up for his past, did what he could before we met him. Locking him up takes away his chance to do right by those he wronged. Where's the justice in that?" "They'll say differently. One less criminal out in the world will ease their troubled minds. I don't want Rosa locked up but we're against giants here. Their laws are not our laws. Their form of justice isn't like ours. We look out for our friends and we'll do what we can, but this might be one of those times where it won't be enough." The two remained silent, pondering on the coming day and beyond. It wouldn't make sleeping any easier, just raising more questions to run through their minds throughout the evening. Omen probably might find the topic confusing but while Sen and Lin are still awake, they'd be ready to answer any questions she may have over a meal. Nightfall has just about arrived and they'd be preparing for dinner.
  4. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom It was... something. Could've gone worse but at least Stargazer didn't turn down this chance. The siblings smiled and nodded towards Jelly, hoping that gesture could reassure her nothing is wrong. Once the door closed, they had the rest of the day to themselves, however much is left anyway. Still, the whole encounter ended better than expected and that was a little victory in of itself. "This is important to you, Rosa. We can do no less than help you see this through. As for now, let's find a place to rest for the evening. Our plans can wait until your needs are taken care of." "I could get us to an old campsite I used years ago," Lin opened a gate once more, large enough to fit everyone in though the edges seemed to show some mild fluctuations in her powers. It wasn't anything to worry about, though. "An old cave off the beaten path to Canterlot. Very much unseen and no predatory animals to worry about. Hopefully someone didn't stumble upon it." Lin was the first to walk through and true enough, everything was where she left them. An empty cave but little crevices and nooks around the sides and even within it had her supplies. Wood, flint, some blankets and bedrolls she scrounged up from passing caravans who didn't notice their missing items. The longma hybrid let out a quiet chuckle of excitement. They won't want for nothing now that their accommodations just got better. Right now, Lin began setting up the camp, fire pit and bedrolls first. A relief and following that they have a moment of respite. Even Rosa could lounge around and rest. He wouldn't have to worry now that the siblings will take the lead setting up the camp ahead. Sen stayed close to Rosa just in case his injuries could get the better of him, ready to help him walk the rest of the way. "How are you feeling about that exchange? Meeting Stargazer, I mean. What's going to happen between you two once the trial is over?" ====================================================================================================================== @Blitz Boom @Dji As per their agreement, Fluttershy had indeed gone to the spa and set her arrangements for tomorrow's activity. The last appointment before closing time and the spa ponies didn't imagine a large dragon coming over to avail of their services. It's going to be interesting to see how that fares but they'd always ensure quality no matter the patron or customer. Once that was done, the pegasus returned home to get Angel cleaned and turn in the day. (This is where I'll stop until Twilight, Lyriel, or Nerzhei need to pull Fluttershy back in to the story)
  5. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom They knew they had to expect this... both Sen and Lin understood that this couldn't end with a happy ending, not with the way it went. Stargazer never knew Rosa, no way would he drop the act and suddenly embrace him as a brother. But they had to try, at least to smooth things over so it would turn out less antagonistic. Now that Stargazer has some idea who his unknown brother is, his past affiliations and the negative reputation it carried, they were uncertain if they could do anything more within their limitations. Rosa is changed, but his brother has nothing to work with. Their pleas for his efforts to atone will fall on deaf ears or, at the very least, speculation. Both remained silent for the time being, thinking of something to get the bat pony guard to stand down and let Rosa walk away for now. A delicate situation that needs a careful approach, lest they ruin this once chance. They stayed silent for the meantime, letting tensions cool down and let everyone collect their thoughts. "Stargazer, all we're asking is a chance to understand how all of this fits together.... Between you, Rosa, and Filigree. We'll ask her to come clean with everything, the documents, your histories..." "Once we find out all we need to know, you can come to your conclusions about all of this. Please don't throw this chance away; if not to reunite with Rosa, then at least to get some answers." The two have said their piece, unsure if this changes anything. Deep down, they wished they had more to say but sometimes, it may be better to say less or nothing at all. For their friend's sake, they hoped it will be enough to get Stargazer to reconsider and be open to seeing the trial to its conclusion. In the back of their minds, they are also wondering how Omen is processing the events that had just transpired. What would she think about it? ====================================================================================================================== @Blitz Boom @Dji "I guess that would be all for now. I'll probably stop by the spa in a while to ask about a good time to set an appointment and their closing time. They're usually very accommodating for unusual requests, but that's mostly because it's Rarity asking. They'll never turn down their most frequent customer! Perhaps a little extension beyond their usual hours isn't bothersome." And Fluttershy isn't joking. Rarity being a regular customer meant she'd cook up some strange additions to her usual spa treatment, mostly hairstyles she sees on the cover of Vanity Mare. That one time she tried getting her hair to blow in the nonexistent wind like Celestia and Luna didn't pan out so well... Even Aloe and Lotus Blossom had to turn her down that day because no magic could replicate it, and them being earth ponies already left them with limited options. Still, it doesn't hamper their business and it pretty much got them an additional side venture opening up an on-site salon with a two-for-one service promo. Now if only Fluttershy could get them to stop spreading the rumor she uses tail extensions... "I'll come by tomorrow when we're ready to go! Angel, let's go home!" The bunny pouted, having just arrived to only go back home. He isn't too broken up about it since Lyriel will be sticking around. And from the looks of his moss-covered fur, he's gonna need another bath. Not a bad thing since he's gonna get pampered again. For the time being, Fluttershy waved goodbye to Twilight and Nerzhei. "Oh, Lyriel? Will you be staying with the others?"
  6. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Sen and Lin were touched by Rosa's words; replied with a small nod and a smile towards him. It was just like with the miners, the feeling of elation that was once there when they saw the them rejoicing. Reprieve and a release of worries, genuine feelings of joy and laughter that could soften a heart of stone. They were glad and hoped Omen felt the same feeling of satisfaction and warmth that comes from helping others out of kindness. They still don't know exactly how or if Omen could feel the way they did but they'd have time to learn from her; they see her as a teacher as much as a close friend. Rosa, for all his faults, is a friend and they are more than willing to see him reunited with family. Of course, all that hypothetical planning in Lin's head is just speculation until the moment comes. And as expected, Stargazer steps forth by the door to greet them. Omen's rather blunt opening was unexpected, leaving the siblings wide eyed and stunned at how this started. Lacking context doesn't do anyone favors but at least Stargazer shrugged it off. Sen walked up to Omen and took her aside. "Maybe we should let Lin and Rosa do the talking," Sen whispered. "I think Stargazer needs some context." Now with Rosa taking the conversation forward, it might seem to go a little smoother. Unfortunately, it quickly turned south. They knew the reputation of spies wasn't exactly a very flattering one, but hearing what Stargazer had to say about Rosa got the siblings to panic. They quickly stepped in between the bat ponies, silently intending the guard pony to stop what he was doing and listen. "Wait! Please hear us out." Lin began, taking a step forward and looked at Stargazer eye to eye. "We know the reputation of this... Ravenshire Consortium... it's not a good one. But Rosa isn't with them anymore. He's changed. But this isn't about his past." "It's about your mother, Filigree," Sen continued. "The trial the letter mentions is about her. There's a mine, west of Phillydelphia, where changeling emeralds were found and are linked to Filigree. Those crystals covered numerous miners and their families believed they lost someone close to them because someone wanted to take over Equestria with those accursed things. Maybe you might not know the name Fancy Filigree; what about Silky Rose?" "Omen is right when she said your mother being bad. Before you answer, please think about this: how well do you know your mother?" ======================================================================================================================== @Blitz Boom @Dji "I don't think Lotus will be allowed in the spa. They have a strict no pets rule there but Lyriel can look after her. Or maybe I can ask Angel to stay with both of them? He certainly likes being around them both today and I'm sure tomorrow will be no different!" Just as Fluttershy made a mention of Angel got the little bunny to show up at the castle on cue. The door wasn't shut behind them and the little bunny managed to sneak by and squeak to get everyone's attention. The pegasus was the first to pick up on this, seeing him waving his little paw up in the air before running up Lyriel to snuggle in her hair. One problem more or less taken care of. "The spa isn't a terribly small place though. It's definitely smaller than the castle but you likely wouldn't have to worry about being cramped. Maybe the low doorframe will be an issue but there's enough room for you to move around freely."
  7. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom "Well... the moment of truth, everyone. I'm honestly feeling a little wobbly on the legs. How is Stargazer going to react to meeting you, Rosa?" "More importantly, how exactly are we going to break the news to him? About Filigree and how much he knows?" If Stargazer read the letter first, then it might solve one apparent issue with getting the conversation going. The last thing he would expect is to know someone went rifling through the mail to get something to talk about. But suppose he didn't, it would be a very awkward way to start talking, like they knew what the contents of the letter were before opening it. Might be confusing either way; learning about one's mother being at a trial without context would likely get Stargazer to side with Filigree on the basis of baseless accusations without proof to corroborate it. Suppose they could begin asking about how well he knows Filigree, compare what they know to what he knows. Might be a better way to go about it, and they have some documents to prove they aren't being funny about the whole unknown sibling gig they are going to have to bring up sooner or later. The whole situation has Sen ignoring the minor medicine issue with Rosa earlier for this matter. He knew Stargazer wasn't unreasonable, but that was from their limited interactions together. Frankly, he was thankful he didn't run him in just because he looked like he had no business in Ponyville. "I've got some approaches in mind but that isn't really easing my worries. I think I can bring up the topic, talk to him first before mentioning your relation to him, Rosa. Or would you prefer to tell him yourself?" ====================================================================================================================== @Blitz Boom @Dji "Wonderful! There's something to look forward to, Nerzhei! We can start out with a massage and if you don't like it, there's still the steam room and hot spring tub. I think you'll like the steam room; you get it all to yourself! No one intruding in your personal space and no chance for anypony to accidentally bump into you!" The pegasus clapped with excitement, finally getting things underway. It may be a day away but it's a start, and Nerzhei might enjoy it. A shame Lyriel couldn't come along but it is likely some of the animals at the sanctuary already miss her presence and want to see her again. Some didn't get a chance to meet her up close. And Twilight is coming along. The more the merrier! "I can have this arranged tomorrow afternoon! Very few ponies will be around at that time," Fluttershy then turned to face Lyriel, still feeling unsure about leaving her out on the activities but what comes next is addressed to both the dragon and the dryad. "Any other concerns I can help with? I don't want to interrupt you all any longer than I need to."
  8. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Unexpected. From what most of Sen and Lin's interactions with other creatures suggested, gemstones are usually considered a valuable alternative to bits. Not so with Kitsune, but they won't argue with them, not with another deadline looming over their heads. Still, the pouches sticking to them grew a little irritating as time would go by but the conditions to undo it was supposedly based on distance. Sen made sure they had everything they needed with them, even Rosa's medicine; it would be a waste of all the effort put in to helping them if they didn't keep up the recovery efforts on their end. On the other side of the gate, Lin crossed over first and found themselves right where they need to be. And the light emanating from the inside might suggest their good timing. Once everyone was on the other side, she closed the gate, having regained enough of her strength to perform a task that was previous taxing to her minutes earlier. She walked to the door and knocked three times. "Hello? Are you there, Stargazer? It's Sen and Lin! We met a while back when we needed directions. Could we talk? It's very important!" Sen followed suit and proceeded to the door, though upon noticing the mailmare, he backed off and gave her room to pass. "Oh, sorry. Please, you go on ahead and do what you need to do. Don't mind us." Lin caught this and moved away, though this also got her attention on the mailmare's delivery. A letter, very official-looking and likely to be the summons for the trial. A good sign if it is what she thinks it is. The timing of all of these events means it could be a way to lead in to the whole conversation, context and all. They could ease Stargazer into it without rushing or leaving details out. It's perfect! In the meantime, Sen walked up to Rosa and handed him his medicines. "Hizhel said you need to take this. Once a day for the next three days, each after sunset. It wouldn't be flattering to know someone has to shove these down your throat if you don't want to take them." ====================================================================================================================== @Blitz Boom @Dji "I was thinking of the usual massages the masseuses do for a lot of customers but now that you mentioned you hate being touched, that really lowers the number of options they have. There's still the steam bath and the hot spring tub. That one is probably the closest you could get to a real hot spring. Aloe and Lotus highly recommend that if you prefer to soak alone, though it isn't really the same thing if it is artificially reproduced." For most of the day, the spas usually see an influx of customers during the weekends. These days, business is fairly slow, only seeing a few customers at a time. Wouldn't hurt to see a few more ponies come in and out more frequently but only Rarity seems to frequent the place more than once a week. She gets discounts whenever she comes by and the masseuses already know her usuals by heart. As for seeing a dragon at the spa, there have been odd customers every now and then, and Spike stopping by a few times has the staff accustomed to meeting the needs of someone with a dragon's anatomy. Sad Nerzhei wouldn't want to avail of this. "The spa isn't really crowded until the weekends so there isn't much to worry about. It is possible we might even have the whole place to ourselves! You're more than welcome to join us, Twilight. Unless you have other things to attend to?"
  9. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Sen studied the book, skimming through the pages and getting an idea of the contents. For a moment, even he is a little confused by books, bound on the spine with the pages moving right to left. Growing up with loose pieces of parcel or bound on the header with rope was how he learned, if it wasn't orally passed down. The whole thing is intriguing just to look at but it may be too soon to read up on the contents until he has some time to spare. For now, he settled on a quick look before packing the book away in his saddle bag. "Hizhel, Yazma, thank you so much for helping us out," Lin placed herself between the two and respectfully bowed her head with Sen joining in. "We don't have much in the way of payment but we insist on giving you something for your troubles." Lin quickly opened a gate back to her home village and returned with two small pouches, the sound of clanking indicating small objects contained within. She handed one to Sen, who promptly walked to Hizhel, and the other was brought before Yazma. "A pouch of gemstones. I don't know how much they are worth here but they are valuable to us. Maybe they might fetch a fair price." "Thank you for the book as well," Sen added. "I'm certain it will be of great help." Though it would seem like a terrible idea to throw away such a precious commodity, the longma always find a way to haul in some gemstones. The forest is teeming with places to look and, while a village caravan would always have some gems to trade, it isn't exactly a common thing to find them in large chunks. Still, the longma siblings kept a reserve and the village's artisans occasionally have excess pieces leftover from their crafts. There is something for Shrimp to indulge and it didn't bother them because the excess can't be made into anything valuable. It was an acceptable waste management strategy and everyone is happy about it. Lin, once more, opened a gate nearby, this time to Ponyville. One step further and they'd be just outside Stargazer's home, hopefully not at a time when they'd catch him by surprise. Sen stood by Rosa's side in case he needed some help walking. "Fortune favor you both, and your students. We've learned a lot since we arrived and your kindness will not be forgotten." ====================================================================================================================== @Blitz Boom @Dji "No, we didn't run into any problems. To be honest, I guess the only issue was figuring out how to make already sweet food even sweeter for Lyriel. It turned out fine though the bakery will need more sugar soon. And the animals were delighted to see her too! I think plenty of birds were following us to the sanctuary." It was nice to see Twilight and Nerzhei getting along well and sharing this time to go over a subject they both liked. Seems like they could be quite the pair when they'd present their findings to an interested panel of scholars, teachers, even the princesses if they had the time to listen. For now, the two appeared absorbed in their studies and that might throw a wrench in Fluttershy's plan for the following day. Still is worth a suggestion and she honestly wasn't in a rush to get them out of the castle. "We did have an idea, though. I was thinking maybe you and Twilight would want to spend an afternoon at the town spa? Just to relax and loosen up maybe? I wouldn't be taking you away from your studying for a long time and you'd get to experience something Ponyville has to offer."
  10. EQ_Theta

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    @Blitz Boom "Not witches, Hizhel," Sen replied. "More like victims of circumstance. My sister, Lin, lost her original body and had one created to avoid dark magic from consuming her. Mine was provided by magical specters who now wished to remain unfound. I am Sen, by the way, and the one you are examining now is Omen." With two different conversations going on, both Sen and Lin found it fitting that they should tackle each separately, preferably with some care as their approach might be a little rash if they don't plan accordingly. As agreed, Sen opted to stay put and speak with Rosa while Lin walked up to Omen and Hizhel to hopefully clear things up. It is a rather difficult subject to explain given that even she is a little baffled by it. "Rosa, I suppose we could go and see Stargazer but we need to be careful about the subject. I don't know how much he knows but we shouldn't rush this. Once we pay him a visit, we'll also need to find you a place to stay and rest. Though Stargazer might be willing to let you stay in his home, I'll think of some alternatives in case that doesn't happen." Lin, in the meantime, scratched her head while trying to make sense of Omen's rather strange anatomy. She is about as stumped as Hizhel with this bizarre display of internal organ arrangement. She hasn't had any formal education on the subject but just the description is enough to get the gears in her head to come screeching to a halt. It's really that odd. Well, except for the tongue. She's seen it enough to know that it is a lot longer than an average pony's. "It's odd and chaotic, yes, but I guess there is an explanation for this. Have you heard of a creature called a draconequus? A well-known one by the name of Discord? Yeah... that's the short explanation. The long version is Discord, eh... fashioned Omen from a formless state, created the physical form you see here to resemble a pony in shape. Knowing Discord, the oddities you noticed are very likely his doing. Omen is no golem, that's for sure." ====================================================================================================================== @Blitz Boom @Dji Fluttershy took Lyriel's words to heart, listening intently but still unsure how to go about it. It is true the animals look up to her, or go to her, because of the reputation she's build with them. Odd that the pegasus who fell from the clouds would rather prefer the company of animals over other ponies but for the longest time, she could honestly live on her own on the ground. Then there was the even stranger bit: very few noticed her absence from flight camp. Maybe Rainbow Dash did once her race with the bullies ended but for a while, it seemed like no one really cared. Only later did her family find out and confronted her about the change in habitation. Perhaps all that time spent on the ground drew her in to their more pleasant attitudes and appearances, and her strange ability to understand them, sealed the deal. Eventually, that all worked out and that first meeting with the butterflies led to her finding her cutie mark and the rest is history. Though it never really occurred to her how migrating butterflies managed to hold up another organism over a hundred times heavier than them. One of the mysteries of Equestria better left unknown... The pegasus appreciated Lyriel's response, but would rather think about it some more in silence. Back to reality, Fluttershy returned to the castle to find Twilight and Nerzhei, who both appeared to be absorbed with an interesting topic. "I showed Lyriel around town, taking in the sights and sounds by the animal sanctuary, and ate some doughnuts at Sugarcube Corner! I hope we didn't interrupt something important. You two seemed to have found something interesting."
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    @Blitz Boom "This regenerative magic is fairly new, really," Sen turned to Hizhel, then examined the rest of his body. He thought about moving his hip to see if he could notice where the fracture was evident but it seemed like it's been dealt with quickly. It's like it was never there at all. "None of my kind grew up with magic and they have this really big anti-magic stance. Information on any kind of magic, healing or otherwise, is more or less unknown. The same could be said for me but ever since I gained this kind of magic, I never got a chance to learn about it. Maybe I'd like to have a look at that book." As for Rosa's concerns about Filigree, it was a sound one that got both of the siblings worried. If Filigree was able to have he way long before they met and learned about the mine incident, then there might be a chance Stargazer could be swayed to support her. And if things don't go the way they hoped, they would then have to contend with Equestrian law. Who knows how many crimes they could be accused of when the story is spun in Filigree's favor. It gave them some pause, but with Rosa's current condition, they couldn't afford to rush into this. "You need to regain your strength, Rosa. You weren't looking very good when we saw you come out from Lin's gate. We gave you some crude first aid treatment for your wounds but uh, I think I tore up your mask a bit. Sorry." Sen rummaged through his pack and pulled out Rosa's torn and smelly mask, accompanied with a sheepish grin. "At least these documents confirm what we know," Lin added. "A bat pony, a guard, and Filigree's child. There's no way the Stargazer we met in Ponyville isn't the same one mentioned here. Let's rest up here for a bit and plan how we'll approach this. We still have an evening to wait out but if it makes you comfortable, we can leave early and hopefully run into Stargazer before he leaves for Canterlot. The trial starts at 9 am." ====================================================================================================================== @Blitz Boom "I'm sure Twilight and Nerzhei would have found something interesting. They probably a book they would discuss with each other for a very long time. I won't be surprised if they are having snacks right about now like a book club meeting. Those are fairly popular here! And... I was just thinking about what you mentioned, about the animals revering me. I don't know whether I should be feeling good about that or concerned. Having that kind of attention on me is a little daunting." Though Fluttershy had issues about being nervous in a crowd, she never once had that issue among animals. She loves their company and honestly never saw them like ponies do. If there was an apt comparison for that, it would be a stage performance. She'd be fine if the spotlight was on her and only her friends were there to watch her. Once other ponies come in and a sizable presence is growing, that's when her legs lock up and the metaphorical butterflies in her tummy come out. The thought of that got the pegasus to slow her walk for a bit though she quickly returned to normal after clearing her mind. Eventually, the castle was within view, the walk into town was a short one and with a quaint little town like Ponyville, navigating the streets was only difficult if the central square market was around. Thankfully, it wouldn't be until the weekends when they would show up. With no crowds to contend with, the pegasus led Lyriel into the castle and to Nerzhei and Twilight. "We're back! How is everyone doing?"
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    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    It's really strange to learn about this; a little bittersweet, really. I started watching early season 2 and I didn't think it would last long after that. Well I was proven wrong and I'm happy it lasted this long! Definitely would like more to come from G4 and I'm sad to see it's going to end with the upcoming season, but it's good to let this one go on a high note (hopefully) rather than letting it go stale. If it's one thing I'd look back on, it's how it inspired fans to create. Stories, characters, whole new worlds beyond what we see on the show... and I don't see that ending once the season is over. Despite the show having its hits and misses, it's been a good ride all in all. Stay creative and inspired, everypony! Let's hope season 9 will be a memorable one!
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    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom "I suppose so. It's all so new and different, learning about this. All I grew up with are herbal remedies, medicinal plants that have a lot of uses from making bandages to consumable drinks. Never once did I ever consider the possibility of seeing healing magic close up until recently." "Or just being able to see this new perspective on medicine in general. Thanks for patching up that fracture. Didn't think that was there until you pointed it out." As this was going on, the poking needle that Lin commented on earlier came into view, piercing Sen's skin and he could now see the innate magical gift granted to him at work. His skin weaved around the needle, sealing the exposed opening as quickly as it came to be. It was never quite as hyperactive as it is at the moment but the sight was rather uncomfortable to see, let alone feel. It was like a claw grabbing a barbed stick; one can feel the sharpened edges digging into the skin. Difficult to keep out of mind when the sensations of the barb moving beneath the surface was apparent in even the most subtle of motions. No doubt it was a relief when the needle was removed. And even better was Rosa waking up. "Rosa! There's plenty of good news!" Lin exclaimed as she moved over to his bedside, grabbing her saddlebag off of her brother on the way there. "The statue's been delivered and the trial is happening tomorrow. Scarcity thought you might be interested in these documents. Seems like she dug up some of Filigree's past and these birth certificates are part of it. Might this be more proof about your brother's identity? It is likely we might be see him tomorrow; you can meet and chat him up. I suppose he might have some questions about all of this when he finds out." ====================================================================================================================== @Blitz Boom "I'm sure Twilight will be gushing in excitement over wanting to share her insights. She's very excitable when she's got a good book and wouldn't stop talking about it." Just that thought was enough to get Fluttershy giggling. Rainbow Dash and Twilight certainly exude that kind of image when they get their hooves on a new Daring Do book. Before they know it, they'll bar themselves into the castle library and talk all day about what they just read, bringing back the old books and mentioning any and all call-backs to the previous stories or planning a visit to the next Daring Do convention. Twilight's duties oftentimes keep her from going but Dash would bring back some merchandise, including signed posters. It certainly helps that she knows the author behind the books, even went on adventures with her. Very few can brag about that without being called a liar, and even fewer could bring up being on the cover of a book, approved by the one and only A.K. Yearling. What followed is Lyriel's heartfelt thanks, a positive wave of emotions surged over the pegasus. Genuine and heartwarming to hear, a confirmation that even without being defined by being chosen to wield the element of kindness, her heart was an exemplar of that virtue. Fluttershy leaned close and hugged Lyriel before beginning their walk back to the castle. "We are friends now, Lyriel. You don't owe me anything. I like to think about the best in everypony and every creature I meet and seeing your interactions with nature and animals makes me think we'll get along very well."
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    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom "I feel the stinging alright. And my leg is a little tender after having to use it so soon after treatment. Mostly, I am feeling alright. Maybe a good night's rest is in order. Sen? Do you want a go?" It was strange. Besides the stinging sensation, Lin didn't seem to notice anything out of the ordinary for her. She flinched when the needle pierced her hide but after that, it was as if everything was just normal, if uneventful. The sensation can be compared to running through thick brambles, some of which stuck to their skin; minor sensations but only noticeable once they had to come off. Those really bothered her as a child but as she grew up, it wasn't anything to talk about. Everyone knew it like she did and nobody would think about it. Having to experience it again was bizarre since it was a whole new scenario. As for Sen, he didn't see why he shouldn't try this process out for himself. Lin was fine, more or less, and he didn't stand to lose anything. He approached Hizhel and sat down before him, ready to undergo this procedure. "I'd like to also have one of these examinations. And if I may ask, does healing magic have limitations? Like casting a spell can heal scars but can't heal side effects of having infected wounds?" As uncharacteristic it was for Sen to ask about anything magic-related, he was secretly curious about this aspect. He had some form of healing magic granted to him but he never really had a chance to ask about the extent of it. It wasn't something he would openly ask about but nonetheless needed to get it out sooner or later. Even Lin was surprised by this, given his attitude to magic was for the longest time a negative one. Only recently did he show any sign of lightening up on this stance. A pleasant one, perhaps, and she was happy he got this chance. ====================================================================================================================== @Blitz Boom "Hmm... I suppose the spa ponies could give you a tour of the place. Aloe and Lotus are the most well-known proprietors of the spa and they are very knowledgeable about the services they offer. We could speak to them if you want to know more. And if you want, the animal sanctuary is always open to visitors. Well, within reasonable visitation hours, but the animals seem to like having you around. Usually only Doctor Fauna and I go there during odd hours but they don't seem to mind; I'm sure they'll appreciate getting to spend more time with you." Perhaps some time has passed between leaving the castle and having this tour around town. Fluttershy was now curious about what Nerzhei might think of this. On one hoof, it sounded like a good idea to let the dragon stroll around town and maybe relax a bit. On the other, it might make her think the pegasus is deliberately trying to avoid having to continue working on her assertiveness and confidence issues. But wouldn't it send the right message the dragon to learn that the timid pegasus is taking charge on the matter? Maybe but not everyone sees eye to eye on this. It really depends on what Nerzhei sees or chooses to see and how she understands it. But there was no point in letting the what ifs stew in her head; Fluttershy had let her know about what she and Lyriel have been thinking. "So, shall we head on back to the castle? Let's let Nerzhei know about what we have in store for her tomorrow!"
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    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom "That's good to hear. We'll make sure he takes his medicine like he should." "You don't seem to be as cautiously hostile as the guard back there. I guess this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to examine a longma up close. Wouldn't want to leave you feeling disappointed and I think I need one of those examinations after I broke one of my forelegs. There were some nice kits who were looking into my injuries earlier. Sen, could you take these for a moment?" Sen gathered Lin's saddle bag, including the documents picked up from Scarcity earlier. He walked to Rosa's side and sat there for a moment looking over him to see how his wounds are healing up. After getting a glimpse of the liquids pooling and drying up around his suit, that sight gave him quite a scare. He wondered if he might have found himself standing over Lin and seeing the same thing when they first found each other on that desolate mountaintop. Other than that, he was content seeing things are turning out well, breathing a sigh of relief knowing Rosa will be alright. As for Lin, she took her position next to Hizhel and waited for this medical examination to start. Though she will probably expect to hear something along the lines of taking it easy with her left foreleg as it is still recovering, she'll be fine with knowing just what the whole procedure will entail. This kind of medicinal process is a new thing she's never seen up close, and it will definitely be a stark contrast to the more herbal-based traditional methods she grew up with. "I hope the temporary solution to stop our friend's wounds from getting worse didn't have any unintended side effects. My brother used what elfroot and cloth we had to make some bandages for him but we didn't have enough time to get those cleaned properly. So, what exactly happens in these sort of examinations?" ====================================================================================================================== @Blitz Boom "Oh... I-I'm sorry if I was presuming too much. I hope I didn't hurt you." It probably was a lot of forgetting that being a little more plant-like compared to ponies had the possibility that dryads would be different on a fundamentally anatomical level. Fluttershy caught on to the groan Lyriel let out and suspected she might have hit a nerve but being told that a dryad taking on a more equine form would mean she wasn't closer to a pony beyond appearances. Just learning this now had the pegasus make herself appear smaller, sitting at the edge of her seat feeling a little guilty about what she did. Perhaps there was a lot more for Fluttershy to learn about dryads and about Lyriel. Even if this was an innocent mistake, it wasn't one that the pegasus was likely to forget anytime soon. Sure enough, she may have to go on that spa session with Nerzhei but it wouldn't feel right if Lyriel and Lotus were to just watch from the outside. The spa had a policy about not letting anyone in if they were to just watch someone else get their massage. But if there was anything her spa dates with Rarity taught her, there was plenty more to do than just getting a massage. "It's just that I didn't want you to feel left out. It wouldn't be right to let you stand outside the spa and watch with Lotus. Maybe there might be something else? Steam rooms, saunas, herbal baths, or seaweed wraps with mud facials? I can ask the masseuses to hold off on the massages."