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  1. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom “Pie sounds good. I’d like to try something other than an apple pie though.” “The Apple Family’s pie is already delicious. I doubt anything could top that. You know, maybe if we do run into something made with zap apples, I think that’ll be better. Ponies already talk about how delicious and sought-after a jar of zap apples is, might as well see if someone has that.” The siblings were on to something, though they didn’t realize that zap apples only grow on during a certain time of year and under some strict conditions. No one in the Apple Family would disclose that k
  2. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Lin watched as the last bits of paint covered her brother’s face. That, and a nice red nose to go along with the getup tied the whole piece together. Sen was a proper clown, minus the hair, but it wasn’t an issue. He didn’t have an idea what a clown’s look would need, and this was about as good as he could get for the evening. His sister wouldn’t mind too, now knowing what just what a pastel-colored clown was. She couldn’t hesitate dragging Sen to the nearest mirror before they both took in the sight. “This is a pretty good job, making my brother look silly and all,” Lin
  3. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom “If you’ll be heading out, I can tag along with you, Rosa. Or maybe we’ll catch up with you?” Lin would stay a little further from the group. As much as she is confident in Rosa, as he could handle himself just fine, she wouldn’t mind seeing a little more of the carnival. She wanted a few things settled within the evening, but she wouldn’t mind doing something with Rosa so he’ll have some company. However, things would go a little different. Meanwhile, Sen would stay in line with Omen. Twenty minutes passed before the longma would get his turn. He approached the boot
  4. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom “Okay then, everyone wants to see me look like a clown? I guess I have to honor that request.” Frankly, Sen didn’t know what a clown looked like, but he wouldn’t want to spoil himself by asking what it was before he got a chance to see it for himself. Though going by what his sister said, he’d probably wonder if the facial hair was part of the getup. The most he was hoping for himself is if Lin’s and Omen’s request was a tame one. The siblings would follow Rosa to see a line growing by the stand that would provide them with their needs. Nearby were some machines and
  5. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Rosa’s rather… odd description would confuse Lin, though she’d have a much more subdued response, if only because she was trying to stifle a laugh. The prospect of her brother already marrying is a bizarre, yet funny thing. Though it only got her to think hilarious thoughts, Sen had much more to say. “Marry Omen?! I’m too young to start a family! That’s not… Oh, haha. Very funny.” Sen would quickly catch on to Rosa’s little joke and reply in a dry, and sarcastic manner. He had him for a moment, but he still remembered their agreement from earlier. Face paint and hum
  6. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Lin pondered on Omen’s reply, about the absurdity of the type of instrument the pony played, and just the general imagery of that scene. Though oddities are par for the course of what makes ponies and, by extension, other creatures of Equestria so strange, this probably didn’t do too much to faze her. Still, it did leave something for her to think about, and given how Omen was looking at her with a quizzical tilt, she was expecting an answer. “I admit, staying and listening to someone play a strange instrument could mean you were curious about the instrument or the music
  7. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom It was unsaid if the owner really made the flute or if someone else made it, but it was undeniable that the flute’s appearance had some charm to it. No doubt whoever made it did so with care and pride, something Lin appreciated. She looked to the other contestants who were still present, a combination of those who came away with a little something for their efforts or none at all. No matter how much she could’ve done better, she was satisfied with her performance, and she got a nice flute to play with for a prize. Once Omen came by and remarked on her reward, she turned
  8. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom “It’s my first time playing a flute, actually. I’ve got no experience with musical instruments, so this’ll be quite a thing to learn. I find it hard to believe anyone would want to break this sort of thing, not when it’s functional. This is a pretty thing, no doubt.” Lin examined the flute placed before her, looking at each curve and contour. There was something missing back home whenever the village would gather around the fire and regale each other with stories. Music wasn’t something that came naturally to the longma, not when anyone couldn’t find the time to try somet
  9. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Lin didn’t have much time to try and catch Mildew, though she could see the little fish moving in her direction. Her strategy needed to switch from passive to active, but there wasn’t enough time to study the creature. She’d try tossing the ball from earlier to see if she could get it to swim closer to her before yanking her rod. Sadly, it would not suffice, as her attempt got the fish to swim to the side and eventually had the longma attempt to try and toss her line toward it. As expected, she was nowhere close to getting her third fish by the time the game ended. Who w
  10. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom “I… gotcha!” With just a good tug at the right moment, she snagged a second fish. The longma picked up the fish and inspected it, before holding it up in the air to show to the booth’s owner before tossing it back in the water. It was a good feeling, being able to catch a second fish, but she wouldn’t celebrate just yet. There was some time left, and that meant she’d be going after the same fish Omen was in the middle of trying to catch. She hesitated for a moment, wanting to watch and see what would happen if she didn’t intervene, though she eventually relented. Being a
  11. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom “Alright then, Omen. If you believe I can catch a second fish, I’ll give it my best shot.” Seeing this second fish move closer, Lin would continue to see what would happen if she got the ball bobbing further from her. It looked like it was working for now, and so she would keep at it, keeping her attention on the fish as it moved closer. If she could just get it moving toward her, this would make for a good attempt. Sen’s lesson resonated at this moment; patience combined with skill will make for a good reward. For now, Lin would watch Omen and the other hopefuls wh
  12. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom “I can see you’ve got talent. That and you’ve probably got good eyes and instinct. Keep that up and you’ll be bringing home something form the top shelf. As for me? I’ll probably settle for something less, or maybe I’ll try snagging another fish just so I can feel better about myself.” Lin noticed the booth’s owner grinning at her, then looking at the pool. She smiled back and nodded, though she would take another look at the shelf on the second rung. It was tempting to go for two more, but there was time and better prizes. Might be a good idea to grab a little something
  13. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Lin examined how Omen was going about trying to catch a fish and what she did was… well, there really wasn’t much of an appropriate word for what she was doing. Out-of-the-box was probably the best thin to come to mind, and that was likely what was going on in some of the spectators. Even then, Lin was a lot more distracted by what happened as Omen managed to catch a fish using this method, so much so that she didn’t even notice the nibbling on her rod. By then, she only saw that in the last moment and yanked upward, managing to catch the same one Omen caught just moments e
  14. EQ_Theta

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom “No instincts for eating fish like a starving longma in a food storage hut, so no need to worry about lapping up the little pool you’ve got there. Seeing as I’m still unfamiliar with these tools, even getting something on the bottom shelf will be achievement enough. Best of luck to us, Omen!” Lin picked up a fishing rod, though she was still a little clueless about how to use it. By the looks of the items, she assumed that there was some kind of loop at the end to pick up the fish. No lethal methods allowed, and the fish will probably want to be put back in the water, so
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