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Pony plush patterns?

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I'm thinking of making some plushies, but I need a good pattern!

Many patterns I stumble upon are unsatisfactory, and I don't want to use them,

Are there patterns you guys have used or seen that are the best of the bunch?

I'd make my own pattern, but wouldn't know where to start!

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I don't make plushies so I don't have any to give you, but from what I know from people who do make them, all of the really good plush makers don't share their patterns which is why all the ones for sale or for free out there have issues.  The best advice I can give you is to make a test plush with whatever pattern you can get to see how it's put together and then make adjustments to things you don't like about the design.

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ok so as a plush maker heres a few things, firstly it pays to make your own plush pattern. 


now i know it sounds difficult beyond all reason but its actually very very simple.


if you have a basic idea on how to trace ponies you can make a pony pattern.


seccond, most good top grade patterns will never be released for free by the plusher, it takes buisness away from the plusher if someone else can make the same plush for less.


for some free ones i would reccomend the voodo tiki pattern as a basis on how to make a plush pattern so you can see how many pieces are required and what so you can better improve upon them

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