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Out Now: The Diary of River Song 2!

Posted by Stardust Balance, 10 January 2017 · 116 views

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Big Finish have shown their remarkable craftsmanship in audio dramas with the recent released boxset of The Diary of River Song 2. This time, River encounters not one, but TWO of the classic Doctors. And as someone who listened to it firsthand, I definitely, highly recommend it to River Song and Doctor Who fans in general alike; River's chemistry with the Sixth and Seventh Doctors are nothing short of spectacular. Most notably, however, is her interactions with Six, which has made me ship the pairing of 6/River more than River with any other incarnation. Their chemistry is just beautiful to listen to, and I think any DW fan would love it too.


Look, even the official Doctor Who Youtube channel advertised its work. I love it when they show support to that brilliant audio company. XD


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