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"True Fan"

Stardust Balance


What is that? What even is that? It boggles me that some people use this inane excuse of "If you don't like something about a franchise or media, you're not a true fan!" Being a fan isn't an entitlement to like every aspect of a show/movie/book. You can find many problems in something you like and still love it for what it's worth. Reality check, there's no such a thing as a "true fan;" there's always going to be something in a franchise you'll disagree with. If there isn't, then you're only fooling yourself. The minute you use the "true fan" line, you've lost the argument right there and then.


Example: I love MLP, but utterly despise EQG, which is a part of MLP. Does that make me any less of a fan? No.


There's a difference between a subjective opinion, and being so childish to call someone "not a true fan" simply because you disagree with them.

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