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For random stuff that I want to post but can't because there are no topics present at the time. lol

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Get to Know Envy

BASIC: Name: Emily...Although I go by Emma. Nickname(s): Emma, Bassoon (in high school), and an assortment of names for me being so giggly. Gender: Female Age: 24 Birthday: I prefer not to give that away, but it's in December.   LIKES / DISLIKES: Favorite Color(s): Pink, Brown, Black Least Favorite Color: I don't really have one. Favorite Food: Pizza, sliced beef brisket, chicken fajitas, spaghetti, and Goldfish crackers. Least Favorite Food: Most foods I can't eat to begin with... So




I did something that maybe a slight bit crazy: I went and bought an oboe!     With that, I now own all three of my top favorite instruments, and own at least one instrument from each major (and modern) woodwind family (flutes, clarinets, oboes, saxophones, bassoons). It's the first instrument I've actually bought for myself, so I feel accomplished. Work has been so stressful lately, I really needed to see the fruit of my labor that isn't school. lol   So now I'm just beginning to learn ho



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