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I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that's commented or visited my forums!I recently made a blog(My first one that has been "hot"!)and I had a little over 200 veiws,and 25 comments,and I just posted it yesterday!So again

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I Was Watching The Amazing World of Gumball when....

So,I was watching The Amazing World of Gumball(Yes I watch it in my spare time,because I'm me),the episode was called "The Traitor",and Gumball is making a sandwich.Now,this sandwich had so much stuff on it,I didn't even know what some of it was!I looked rather disgusting,and I thought it was just something silly,until he rubbed it,and smacked it and then I knew exactly what they were doing!I literally lol'd!I thought that was hilarious!Also,I love HowToBasic,and if you don't know him,I recommen



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