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Decided to start up my blog on here and post in it. That's about it.

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Taylorville Strong: 1 year later

#TaylorvilleStrong One year ago today, a massive EF-3 tornado swept through my hometown of Taylorville, IL damaging 700 buildings and destroying 30. The outpouring of support that we’ve gotten from not only each other, but from the surrounding cities and counties means a lot to not only me but to the entire populous of the city. I will never ever forget that day. I was watching supercell storms transverse the Illinois River valley in the few hours before the Taylorville tornado. I wasn’t re

Pat Thundersnow

Pat Thundersnow


Review of the Friendship is Magic series finale

Where do I begin with the series finale... It was every bit as epic as I thought it would be. THis will be brief, as I do not want to spoil anything for those who weren't able to see it this evening. I will say it had a great build throughout the hour allotted, and ended in the way it should have. The epilogue was awesome, the last song of the series was a great cap to the show, and the last shot and book closing was exactly how I wanted the show to end. The perfect end to this great show.

Pat Thundersnow

Pat Thundersnow


Review of The Big Mac Question

I freaking love the cold open of this episode! Having the major players of this episode doing monologues describing what happened is fantastic. The final Spike/Discord/Big Mac certainly got off to a great start from then and there. It's a great example of a flashback episode, giving Mac a bit more personality and Discord is being Discord as normal. Love the usual references and gags, along with the the apples basically taking over Ponyville, and the CMC were helping Sugar Belle with her message

Pat Thundersnow

Pat Thundersnow


Review of Growing Up is Hard to Do

This episode is very typical of the early series CMC episodes. Love all the great facial features. The new character models for the adult CMC are recognizable with a slightly different main and tail styles. The song isn't overly great, just basically bragging that they are adults. The song is catchy through, and I love the wink and nod to the production of the show during the song. The voices of the actor even sound a bit older for the episode. The two new characters in the episode seemed like t

Review of Daring Doubt

I love the fact that Fluttershy is playing a semi-antagonist role here in this episode. It's a very interesting. twist to her character, and her usual character trait of being too trusting for her own good. Then again, that's why we all love her. The return of Ahuizotl makes the final episode that features Daring Do that much better. But, again, this episode focuses on the nieveities of Fluttershy and just how trusting she truly truely is. The end absolutely fantastic. I love how Fluttershy save

Pat Thundersnow

Pat Thundersnow


Review of A Horse shoe-in

The cold open is fantastic. Love the very start of it, and of course Starlight being adorable is never a bad thing. It also wouldn't be a Starlight focused episode without at least one nervous chuckle. Trixie is being particularly overly herself in this. As usual, Spoiled Rich has forgotten the lesson she learned in the earlier episodes. The others definitely seem competent... except for Trixie and Spoiled Rich. The other three choices were interesting in their own ways. Good seeing the guardian

Pat Thundersnow

Pat Thundersnow


Review of Dragon Dropped

The cold open was pretty good, featuring Rarity and Spike. AJ being the replacement in the gem cave was brilliant. The montage of things that she normally does with Spike with substitutes was interesting as well. The middle segment features Rarity's envy and jealousy coming out, keeping Spike from spending time with Gabby. It's the main 6 ponies relearning issues that they should have learned yet again. Rarity is the main antagonist here, letting her major jealousy and envy of Gabby come out. It

Pat Thundersnow

Pat Thundersnow


Review of She Talks to Angel

Oh the cold opening is absolutely brilliant. Angel is being his usual self, and that's what makes the episode that much better. Seeing Fluttershy interact with all the animals in the sanctuary is great. Loving the continuity between the earlier episodes pertaining to the Sanctuary. Love the bodyswapping aspect of the episode here. The cadence of Fluttershy (as Angel) is absolutely phenomenal. Love that they went this way on the episode. Angel is being just as cruel as he previously was as a bunn

Pat Thundersnow

Pat Thundersnow


Review of The Summer Sun Setback

This episode shows just how much Twilight has matured over this season with the lack of a typical twilight freakout. It did a good job to build up the story for the remainder of the season as well. Discord could have been a bit better utilized in the episode, but really is just a nitpick. Overall, I think this episode did a good job of building up the suspense for the remaining episodes on the schedule.  My grade: B+

Review of A Trivial Pursuit

This episode had a very good start. Twilight is being so Twilight in this episode, it's absolutely fantastic... at first. Pinkie is, of course being totally Pinkie. I love the fact that AJ and Rainbow Dash are being over the top as usual when it comes to being competitive. Twilight continues totally over the top by using the dumbest rules ever. Twilight continues to be a jerk to Pinkie throughout the episode however, getting Pinkie disqualified from the game purposefully. This entire episode bas

Review of 2,4,6 Greaaat

The premise of the episode is good overall. But... the actions of a certain blue pegasus really ruin this episode. Rainbow dash came off as a jerk throughout the scenes she was involved in here, wanting to focus more on the buckball team itself rather than the cheer squad. This was a complete waste of an episode. Snips didn't help either with his greed coming out at every turn. Yeah, it was redeemed by a pretty good ending. But overall, I can say this is one of the worst episodes of season 9. It

Review of The Last Laugh

Good cold open. Pinkie Pie was very pinkie at the start. I also got significant Willy Wonka vibes here. But it looks just as boring as a normal factory. Pinkie is still being as typically Pinkie throughout the episode. Sans was a good character throughout the entire episode. The visual gags were great as well. The return of Weird Al in a more subdued role was a great choice for this episode, with a call back to his time before the factory. The montage with pinkie doing gags and the "science" of

Review of Equestria GIrls: Sunset's Backstage Pass

For this being another Equestria Girls special, and a lot of the same things over and over again, it was pretty good. Lot of emotions, even through the dialogue and writing were annoying at times. There was also a major swerve in the middle of the special too, but I'll let you guys find out what it was. Overall, it was a pretty good special to keep the fans hungry for the mid-season premiere next Saturday. Grade: B
Fallout Equestria: Lightning Strikes Twice has arrived

Fallout Equestria: Lightning Strikes Twice has arrived

Urmi Charpstin and I are proud to announce the posting of the first chapter of Fallout Equestria: Lightning Strikes Twice. You can read it at the link below.(warning: It will get violent, obviously) https://www.fimfiction.net/story/445019/fallout-equestria-lightning-strikes-twice

A bit of a review of MLP: Rainbow Roadtrip

This won't be like my typical reviews to be honest. Rainbow Roadtrip was a pretty good special for the show. Loved that they used the artstyle of the movie (Supposedly, this was supposed to be the sequel of the MLP movie from 2 years ago). I really enjoyed the build up, and the romance storyline. It was overall a good way to send us fans off into the US summer haitus (unless you watch the chinese airing of the next episode).

Review of Between Dark and Dawn

This episode is focused on Celestia and Luna, took long enough to get a sister buddy episode for them. It started off well enough with Luna and Celestia helping out situations involving the mane 6. It then became a sort of duling storylines episode, with the Celestia and Luna portion and the mane 6 trying to run Equestria as practice for their incoming transition into leadership. Segment 2 started with a great song featuring Celestia and Luna. Love the combined voices of Celestia and Luna in son

Review of Last Crusade

I know hate is a strong word, but I seriously hate Scootaloo's parents. They single hoofedly ruined what could have been a great finale to the series long story arc of the CMCs. The episode was a bit of a throwback to when the CMCs would do everything and the kitchen sink to get their cutie marks and then find the message with their cutie marks. Scootaloo's aunts were a great addition to the episode, a sort of calming voice for this episode. The ending was certainly the mark of the end of the se

Review of Student Counsel

This episode started off fast with all kinds of students needed help, Silverstream in particular. It just got more and more annoying as the first segment went on. Trixie was certainly not helping the episode either. It also featured the return of the MLP universe's version of ShAmy and the return of Terramar. The second segment featured the entire party helping to find Silverstream in the Everfree Forest. The final segment of the episode features the return of the friendship treehouse and Silver

Review of Going to Seed

The apple family dynamic was absolutely brillant in this episode from start to finish. I have always enjoyed the apple family episodes because of this tight knitted way. Apple Bloom and AJ were brilliant in this one, especially in the final act of the episode. Overall, it had a really good pace, a nice story, and the flashback which tied into the story about AJ. I really hope the address this again later in the season.  Grade: A

Reviews of "Frenemies" and "Sweet and Smoky"

First is is Frenemies. I really enjoyed the different look of this episode with the episode focusing on the villains, rather than the heroines of the series. The musical number sounded like something you'd hear from a Disney villain from the 80s and 90s. Love that they were basically forced to work together and the near/aborted heel/face turn happened. I also love the new undercurrent of a betrayal by the three against Grogar. This will make things much more interesting as we approach the end of

Reviews of the 2 most recent (USA) MLP episodes

Here's my review of the last two MLP episodes, so I don't fall behind any more than I already have. Starting with Common Ground. First off, I love that they had Patton Oswalt, his daughter and current wife in this episode. It was super adorable and his daughter's character was cute as well. I liked that Quibble was trying to bond with his 'daughter' in the episode over Buckball. Good continuity to the earlier Buckball episode (dispite AJ not being involved). Overall, I really did like this

Review of The Point of No Return

This was a very typical Twilight freaks out about something episode (aka twilighting), pairing with Spike, and her going crazy trying to find answers. It was an episode that had a good pace, good writing, and an overall a good episode. My grade: B

Review of Twilight's 7

First of all, it was a brilliant move to have the voice actors pitch ideas for this episode. I loved much of the episode, and twilight twilighting like she always does. It was overall a great episode for the 200th episode, and at the same time very funny. I loved every second of it.   My grade: A+

Review of Uprooted

This was the season debut of the Student 6. I really enjoyed this one. It showed the difference of ideas that each of the 6 had, with Yona yet again being the big player in this episode. We also had the first new song of the season. I won't give anything away here, but it was a good episode that showed the differences that friends can have. But, when you get through those differences, friendship can create something beautiful. My grade: B+

Review of The Beginning of the End

This was a heck of a way to start the final season. Based on the last image of season 8, I had a feeling that Cozy and Tirek would be involved. Love the return of Sombra and the gen 4 debut of Grogar. Thought that Sombra's voice left a bit to be desired, but that's just a little nitpick. Discord was the true MVP of this episode. Overall, it had a good pace, a good story, and a whole lot of Twilight being Twilight. Joanne Lewis and Kristine Songco did a fantastic job parcing out this in a well th