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About this blog

Once a week (more or less) I will be discussing a topic centered around modern metaphysics. That, of course, being that which is beyond norml physics, and all of which exceeds the physical world.

In the comments, feel free to request new content and ideas, and I will make a post over what I know on that topic

Entries in this blog


The Surprising Inspiration for the Prism Experiment

Today we are gazing through the looking-glass into the life of history's most renowned physicists, the father of gravity and the modern Newtonian physics, Sir Isaac Newton!  If you are not already familiar, Newton not only discovered the gravity existed as an tangeable force, rather than simply a law of existence, but also discovered the core parts of white light and how to split white into its key components. But just think about that for a second. Even if you're super well-versed in y




The 7 Chakras of Hindu Lore

Merry Meet, Fellow Stars Today, we will be exploring the 7 chakras of Hinduism   What Even Are Chakras? In most forms of modern metaphysics and alchemy, it is said that a living thing is comprised of 3 parts: a physical body, an emotional body, and a spiritual body (or as it is better known, a mind, body, and soul). These chakras are parts of all of them in a way. That being they are energy centers, pools of mana, control centers of your very being. Hindu monks often related



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